Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Tuesday May 18...

Its Tuesday morning...and I am realizing or rather, accepting, the fact that somehow over the past few days I have...one choice at a time...slipped off plan. I'm sure part of it has been emotional eating as I grapple with feelings and emotions brought about by the news of my brother's death. Part of it is that I keep finding myself in situations where I am not in control of the menu. But even as I type those words I'm aware that it's an excuse...it's CHOICES...and the choices are mine to make.

Yes, my brother's passing has brought up a myriad of emotions. But eating off plan has done nothing to make those emotions easier to deal with.

Yes, I have been at event after event this week where the menu choices are what they are. But, I can make the CHOICE to remain on plan even within those situations.

So, here I am this morning, resolving to pick myself up, dust myself off, count this week a lesson learned, and get back on plan. This WILL NOT become an excuse to go on a binge that lasts for days. I've had a rough few days....but it stops today.

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Lesia said...

sounds like you have the skills to recognize the emotional eating cycle so that is the 1st step. You can do it, you will get past this. smile.