Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Sunday and Monday, May 9 & 10...

Here I am, playing catch up with my blog again!

On Saturday afternoon, in anticipation of Mother's Day, Vern bought me these adorable mixing bowls. I already have this set in red & white....but black and white is my very, very favorite with red & white running a close second! I love these bowls so much! And I love that Vern was thoughtful enough to buy them for me.

Sunday, Mother's Day, was going to be a busy day and I knew I would be faced with much temptation. So I started the day with an open faced omelet (is that a frittata?) so that I wasn't starting the day hungry and primed to fall for temptation. This had egg substitute, shredded potatoes, light swiss cheese and a bunch of zero point veggies. I also had a fruit bowl of mixed blueberries, mandarin orange, and banana. Coffee with coffemate to drink.
Total Points 6.5

Lunch was at Home Town Buffet, where we took Vern's mom for lunch after church. I intentionally kept it light as I knew I was going to be having dinner with at least one of my sons. So, chicken breast, green beans, carrots, and a side salad.
Total Points 4

In the afternoon, my youngest son, Colin and his wife, Christina came over for coffee and brought these darling little dessert plates and glasses. (Are you getting that I have a passion for polka dots!?)

I loved the polka dot dessert set and Freddie loved the bag they were wrapped in!

Dinner...I don't know why I didn't take a photo of dinner!? It was beautiful! I ended up going to my sons' house. My oldest, Chris, and my middle son, Courtney, are roommates and they cooked dinner for Vern and I. Well, Chris cooked while we watched the Blue man Group with Courtney.
Dinner was a huge steak, garlic mashed potatoes, bacon wrapped asparagus, and steamed broccoli. It was divine and it was even more special because Chris cooked it!
I figured the points at 31...and worth every single one!
The crazy thing is that it didn't even use up all of my weekly and activity points!

Sunday Totals:
Daily Points used 45.5
Weekly Points used 20.5
Weekly Points remaining 10.5
Activity points remaining 6


I wasn't hungry in the morning so I just had coffee to start the day. 1 point.

Lunch was a Boca burger on a sandwich thin, with reduced fat swiss, lettuce and tomato...and a tsp of mayo. I had asparagus on the side and a huge bowl of mixed fruit.
6.5 points

Dinner was this Ground Turkey Goulash I threw together. I say "threw together" but it was rather time consuming. It was delicious though and it made a huge pot full. So I have lots of single serving portions in the freezer for lunche and quick dinners. The Goulash was 4 points per serving. I had it over roasted eggplant slices and paired it with a spinach salad.
Total 4 Points

After dinner I had this to satisfy my sweet tooth. Fage Total 0 yogurt, sliced strawberries, Walden Farms Chocolate Syrup, and a crumbled Fiber One bar. (You can't really crumble one of those bars so I just chopped it up) Then I foolishly ate ANOTHER fiber one bar....NEVER do this! The intestinal chaos that ensues is really just not worth it!
Total 8 points

Mondays Totals:
Daily Points used 19.5
Weekly Remaining 10.5
Activity points remaining 7

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Lesia said...

I am SO happy to have found ANOTHER WW dieter. I loved your pictures and I too any in love with polka dots. Very cute! Can't wait to continue to be your follower.