Saturday, May 15, 2010

Saturday May 15...

I knew today was going to be a busy one so I started off with a big breakfast. This amazing, huge breakfast was 6 total points! It was sort of a "skillet scramble" with shredded potatoes, spinach, asparagus, black beans, onion, peppers, egg substitute and reduced fat cheese. I also had a bowl of fruit.

I wouldn't really call this lunch. I attended an event at church for the afternoon and this is what I ate. It looks like a huge, crazy amount of food in the photo but it's really not. That plate is one of those little plates that cake is served on and it's filled mostly with fruits and veggies with some hummus and a couple of pita chips and a couple of pieces of cheese. I had no real way to count the points for this so I just guessed it was probably around 7. The event was really good. It was done in a talk show format and some women from our church, who have gone through some really devastating circumstances shared their stories and how God sustained them and proved that He is more than enough in any situation. It was quite inspiring.

After the women's thing, I stoped at my parents' house to visit my mom and my sister. My sister had cooked dinner and asked me to stay. The dinner was about 3 oz of grilled chicken breast, potatoes drizzled with quite a bit of margarine and some green beans/corn. I figured it at 9 points simply because of the margarine on the potatoes.

When I came home, my other sister and I went for a nice walk. We walked a couple of miles and it was quite enjoyable. I was hungry when we got home so I made us both these 3.5 point "pizzas"

I still want something more and I'm pretty sure that before it's over I will have some frozen yogurt on a Vitatop Muffin. I'll come back and add the photo when that happens.
Edited to add....yep, I ate it! long as I'm at it I'll share my opinion on the Vitamuffin products I've tried. I have been hearing about these for a while but only recently purchased them. There was a special so I ordered a pack for work and a pack for home. Out of that pack I have tried the Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup Muffin Top and the Brownie. Quite honestly, my first bite was a bit of a disappointment. These definitely taste fiber-y and sort of grainy and "diet". I guess I was expecting it to taste like a REAL browniie or muffin...but the taste and texture are quite "different". BUT, having said that, once I got past the initial expectation and disappointment, I decided that they are really pretty good and a quite acceptable substitute for the real thing. I will continue to keep these on hand in the future.

Lastly...there's tomorrow. I haven't blogged about this yet, because frankly, I don't know how to feel about it and...well...I just don't know. But here's the brother died. He died over a month ago on April 5. I didn't know it. No one in my family knew...until a few days ago. I loved my brother. When I was younger I ADORED my brother. But there were issues and hurts and family stuff...and he decided a few years back to just sort of be done with us. He apparently kept in contact a little bit with my older sister but I haven't (Hadn't? I don't know what tense it is when you haven't talked to your brother and then he dies) Anyway...I hadn't talked to him in quite a few years. And now he died and we will never have the opportunity to re-connect. That makes me really sad. It's not the gut wrenching grief that I would feel if one of my sisters were to die....just a sadness that we never got to right whatever it was that was wrong between us.

Tomorrow his co-workers at his old job, here in San Diego, are having a memorial in honor of his memory. They have graciously invited us. We are mom, my sisters and myself. I feel strange about it...almost if somehow, because he didn't want me to be a part of his life, I really shouldn't be at his memorial. But the fact is...I loved my brother. I never stopped loving him. And I will go and listen to his friends share stories and honor his memory.

Good-bye were my big only brother...and I loved you...and I will never forget you.


Lesia said...

First let me say I am so sorry for the loss of your brother. I too have an older brother that has decided he would rather not have anything to do with m. Because I remained friends with his ex-wife, who was my childhood best friend and she remained my BFF all through their marriage. Anyway this isn't about me but I can relate cause I fear he will pass and I will be banned from his funeral by his current wife. So I say GO and enjoy the family and rejoice in his life.

We are making a trip for our family vacation next month to San Diego's Sea World and Zoo. I have never been to San Diego and hope to go without my foot hurting. (I have a stress fracture that hasn't healed yet. Still in a cast).

I love your pictures of your food. You made a wise choice of foods and I agree the points sounded about right. That pizza looked good please tell me how you made that. My family misses eating pizza now that I am dieting:( Thanks for coming to my blog. Good luck at your brothers celebration of his life. (that's how I would look at it)

Vickie said...

Lesia..thanks so much for your comforting words. I'm so sorry to hear that you and your brother are estranged as well. Family dynamics can be so hard.

How wonderful that you are coming to San Diego! You will love Seaworld and the zoo! Here's a little tip. If your foot is still painful you might consider renting a wheelchair for the day at Seaworld. The wheelchair seating at the shows is really good seating and your whole party can sit with you. Vern and I have annual passes and we always joke that we are going to take turns sitting in a wheelchair so we can sit in the wheelchair seating.

Lesia said...

OMG Vickie you are too cute. I will be taking my electric jazzy when we go just because I have MS and even after my foot heals I would not be able to walk that far. Thanks for the up date on the handicap seating. We should try to met somewhere after I get there,. I am always up to meeting new people especially ones who are a WW supporter such as yourself. We will stay in touch. Thanks

Grace said...

Love your food porn Vickie. Thank you for sharing. Oh my... am so sorry to hear about your brother... his passing as well as your estrangement. This so hurts my heart... for you.

Hugs my friend...