Saturday, September 29, 2012

Friday September 28, 2012

Friday September 28, 2012

Friday morning Weight Watcher meeting. Weigh in: down .8, total 49.2 pounds lost. Getting closer to that 50 pound milestone!!

After the meeting I packed a bag, picked up my sister and headed off for retreat weekend.

We stopped in the old part of Temecula for brunch a a cute little coffee house. I had a Breakfast Crepe with scrambled egg, a thin slice of ham and cheese...and a cup of coffee. I estimated the points at 15 PointsPlus

We spent the day driving to the resort location in Desert Hot Springs and then just shopping and wandering around until it was time to check in.

We found a Kmart with rows and rows of clearance racks with summer clothes for $2.99 each. We had a ball picking out items to buy!

After we checked in to the resort we had dinner in the hotel restaurant. It was an Italian restaurant and I had pasta primavera. It was angel hair pasta with sautéed broccoli, cauliflower, and summer squash, in a buttery, garlic sauce. It was served with a green salad with dressing on the side. I ate a portion of the meal and then had the waitress take it away so I wouldn't keep picking at it. I estimated that I ate about a cup of the pasta and half the vegetables. The sauce didn't seem oily but I counted a tablespoon of butter to be safe. I ate all of the salad. I dipped my fork a couple of times but it didn't really need dressing because there were beets on it, which added flavor and moisture to it. I counted dinner as 10 PointsPlus

We has the first session with the speaker after dinner and then came back to the room. I ate some caramel popcorn which I portioned out into a paper coffee cup so I would know when to stop.

Total 29 PointsPlus
Weekly used 3
Weekly remaining 46
ActiveLink unknown: no computer

I'm happy with how I did :)

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