Sunday, September 30, 2012

Saturday September 29, 2012

Saturday September 29, 2012

I am on retreat with the women of my church and I can honestly say this had been one of the most difficult weekends, foodwise, that I have experienced in a while.

The problem hasn't been temptation this time. It has been the absence of food choices. I'm sure that whoever planned the menus for this retreat must have tried but there was absolutely no consideration for personal food preferences, dietary restrictions, or requirements. The food available has been mostly carb and/or fat laden junk.

The other challenge has been exercise. There is no exercise room here at the "resort" in Desert Hot Springs, and the city outside of the "resort" property is an armpit of a place and I would NEVER run alone on the streets here. So, yeah, getting exercise in has been pretty much impossible.

So anyway, here's what I ate...

Yoplait light yogurt, a banana, an apple and coffee with half and half
4 PointsPlus

About 1/3 of a cup of pulled pork the choices were pulled pork or sloppy joe with white hamburger buns. The only vegetables available were onions and pickles. I had 2 slices of watermelon and 4 chips from a bag of Sun Chips, and a spoonful of the pork mixture. I was hungry and disappointed at the end of the meal.
5 PointsPlus

In the afternoon I had some popcorn chips and an orange
3 PointsPlus

Dinner was to be served by the "resort" staff and I held out hope that it would be quality food and worth the points even if it was food I wouldn't normally choose. By dinner time I was hungry and frustrated and a little grumpy.
The meal began with a spinach salad which, apart from the liberal sprinkling of fake bacon bits, was good. Then the main course was served and what was placed before me was a plate with chopped, pressed chicken, wrapped around a slice of lunch meat, breaded, microwaved and covered with some sort of cheese whiz stuff. There was a soggy rice pilaf mixture and asparagus as well. I began trying to peel some if the breading away to find the "chicken" when it just hit me...I was not eating this crap...period. So my sister and I left and drove to Carl's Junior for a Low carb six dollar burger.
10 PointsPlus

Caramel Corn
7 PointsPlus

Total 29
weekly used 3
Weekly remaining 43

So there it is....


Karla said...

breaded and covered with cheese... eeww

I think I would have gone to seek out healthier food choices as well!!

Vickie said...

Right? If you look close you can see where I tried to pick away the breading to see if there was actual chicken breast under It was disgusting. I was mad.