Thursday, September 27, 2012

Wednesday September 26, 2012

Wednesday September 26, 2012

This was a long day! I'm trying to get everything done at work so I can take Friday off to go on retreat. So I worked from 7 :00am until about 7:30pm. Long day.

Typically these type of long, exhausting days lead to binge snacking behavior when I get home. That didn't happen this time. Or shall I say, I didn't give in to the temptation this time.

We talk in my Weight Watcher meeting about identifying the feeling or what the reward is that we're looking for when we reach for food for reasons other than hunger. After almost three years of hearing these concepts in the meeting room I am finally beginning to actively do the mental exercises of thinking about why I'm reaching for food when I'm not truly hungry. So I had the brilliant realization that after working for twelve hours I wasn't hungry, I was tired!! So I went to bed :) yay me!! Such a simple concept...if I'm tired I need rest, not
(Yes, I am typing this on Thursday morning)

I have no idea when or how the switch in my brain flipped and the concepts we talk about week after week in the meeting room began to be incorporated into my reality. I'm just glad to be making progress. I'm glad I didn't get frustrated and quit when I was struggling and seemingly going nowhere in my weight loss journey. Month after month of going to Friday morning meetings, promising myself that THIS WEEK I was really going to work the program only to falter part way through the week. Months of "starting over" again and again and again.....but I didn't quit. I know in my heart if I would have quit when it felt like I was never going to "get it" I would have gained back all the weight I had lost and then some.

So I guess all of that is to say, if you're reading this and you're tempted to give up DON'T QUIT!!! It's only failure if you quit.

Okay so my menu for Wednesday:

Coffee with SF creamer
Oatmeal with chopped fruit
6 PointsPlus

Sandwich Thin with low fat sliced ham, FF cheese slice, spinach, tomato, mustard and pickles.
Snap peas & grapes
6 PointsPlus

Frozen entree...something Asian
With added Shiritaki noodles, Brummel & Brown spread, and laughing cow cheese.
12 PointsPlus

Sliced apple (afternoon )
Greek yogurt with PB2 peanut butter powder, sliced banana, and a chocolate mini vitacake
5 PointsPlus

Total 30 PointsPlus
Activity Points used 4
Activity Points earned 1
Activity Points remaining 18
Weekly Points remaining 0

Wednesday is a non run day for me and I am supposed to be doing some other form of exercise, like yoga. I've been slacking on that. There's another behavior I'm working on!

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