Thursday, September 20, 2012

Wednesday September 19, 2012

I started the morning with a 4 mile jog/walk. I have my interval timer set for intervals of walk 30 seconds, jog 45 seconds. But on these weekday runs I've been working on increasing the length of time that I jog. So I follow the interval prompts for the first mile or so, and then I just do a few intervals of jogging as long as I can. Then I go back to the set intervals. I really enjoy these morning runs.

I've been working on curbing my nighttime snacking and I've done well this week. I have also tracked every single day for the past two weeks. Yay me!!

I'm closing in on 50 pounds lost soon and I am excited in anticipating that milestone. It would be awesome to reach it at my weigh in tomorrow but realistically I think it will be the following week.

Here's my menu for Wednesday ...
Smart Ones Breakfast Entree
"Cheesy Scrambled Eggs"
Orange segments
Coffee with SF vanilla creamer
6 PointsPlus

Turkey Sandwich with FF cheese slice, spinach, and tomato on Roman Meal Round Top bread. (I was delighted to learn that this bread has the same PointPlus value as sandwich thins!)
Microwaved French Beans
Special K Popcorn Chips
8 PointsPlus

Baked Pork Sirloin with Panko crumb coating. (I didn't bake these hot enough and the coating was soggy but still tasty)
Pan roasted Brussels sprouts
Shirataki noodles with onion and garlic.
8 PointsPlus

Black grapes
0 PointsPlus

Total 22 PointsPlus
Weekly used 0 / remaining 11
ActiveLink points earned 8
ActiveLink remaining 23

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