Sunday, September 23, 2012

Saturday September 22, 2012

Interestingly, our topic this week at Weight Watchers was all about strategies for THE WEEKEND!!

We talked about all the different ways we could better handle the weekend without it being a free for all. There were some great ideas and they all work really well in theory. The problem is that in order for them to work in my real life, I have to actually use them!

I have always taken weekends to pretty much eat what I want with the idea that I'll get "back on plan" on, yeah....maybe that's why it's taken me two years to lose 8 pounds...

So anyway, Saturday was a lot like every Saturday for the past couple of years....or was it?

I started the morning with a sunrise run. 6.52 miles of intervals. Walk 30 seconds/Jog 45 seconds. On my Saturday run I simply keep that pace and work on distance. I included in my collage a picture of the sunrise I got to see this morning.

After my run I had to shower and meet a customer at the shop. I was pressed for time so I grabbed breakfast at the shop after my customer left.
Coffee with SF Creamer
Smart Ones Breakfast Sandwich
A Sliced Apple(didn't finish this)
And a Monster Zero
(I know energy drinks are not good for you but one every once in a while isn't going to kill me)
7 PointsPlus

Then off to my mom's for coffee and a visit. Ended up going to Costco with my sister.
Very Berry Sundae? Why yes, I think I will
10 PointsPlus

Car wash, errands, running around..then home.
The conversation really did go like this..."Have you eaten? I'm going for Hawaiian BBQ"...."Just get something for yourself. I'll fix myself something here"....but my brain was saying "I really like Hawaiian BBQ. "...and the mental back and forth lasted a couple of minutes before my mouth said, "Oh, get me a BBQ Chicken Plate."

Now here's the thing. I KNOW the strategies!! My brain was saying, "Just get the bowl. It's less points and its plenty of food." But my mouth said "I'll have the plate."

When the food arrived at the house my brain was saying "Put half of it away." But I sat down and ate every single bite.

I haven't done that in a while. Afterward it wasn't pleasant. I was overly full and uncomfortable. I hope I remember that feeling the next time.

Was it a catastrophe? No. I ate it. I tracked it. I had the weekly points to cover it. I'm not beating myself up over it. But I am rethinking it. I think I'm finally beginning to learn from these experiences...and THAT is worth the 22 PointsPlus that meal cost me.

Later in the evening I wanted something sweet. I had Greek nonfat yogurt with SF vanilla syrup, cut up banana, and topped with a diced up mini VitaCake.
4 PointsPlus

So, while Saturday appeared to be like every other Saturday for the past couple of really was different in some subtle, yet powerful ways. First of all I TRACKED every single bite. This is HUGE! I didn't throw in the towel and decide to "start fresh" on Monday. I didn't continue to spiral out of control and finish the day with some ridiculous "treat." And finally, I reviewed and thought about my choices and what I could have done better or different...and I learned some things.
So all in all, I'm okay with it :)

Total 43 PointsPlus
Weekly Used 17 / Remaining 32
ActiveLink Points earned 8
Remaining 10


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