Saturday, January 5, 2013

Friday January 4, 2013

Friday January 4, 2013

I stated on plan. I stayed within my PointsPlus range. I worked on my "healthy routines" that I hope turn into healthy habits and become second nature.

I earned 2 ActiveLink points. I am trying to get up and go for a short walk around the building every hour but its proving difficult while trying to run a business. I did go for two short walks and I'm going to keep trying for more.

We had chili dogs for dinner. I used Hebrew National 97% Fat Free Beef good and only 40 calories/1 PointsPlus each.....Hormel Turkey Chili with no beans, Kraft Singles Fat Free Cheddar Cheese, and regular hot dog buns. It was 13 PointsPlus but it was soooo good!

I probably had a bit too much fruit yesterday but it's helping me to stop snacking on junk so I'm okay with it.


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