Thursday, January 3, 2013

Wednesday January 2, 2013

Wednesday January 2, 2013

I did it! I stayed on plan and tracked every bite. I drank 10 glasses of water. When the urge to eat everything in the house started I went to bed. It was tough. I felt like I was starving even though I knew I couldn't really be hungry. It's just tough to rein it back in when I've been out of control.

I didn't follow through with my plan to get up and move every hour. I got busy trying to get back into my routine at work and each time my alarm would remind me I would think, "I'll do it in a few minutes."....yeah, not so much. So I hope to do better with that today.

I'm relieved that the holidays are over. I know that staying on track will get easier as I get back into the swing of a healthy routine. This year I really hope to change enough on the inside so that the holidays aren't an excuse to indulge in another long feeding frenzy.

This year I plan to take a photo of myself on the first of each month....sort of a photo journal of my progress. I'm hoping it will be an encouragement to me.

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