Sunday, January 27, 2013

Saturday January 26, 2013

Saturday January 26, 2013

Another on-plan day!! WhooHoo!! I'm on a roll now! I really feel like whatever that thing is, that happens in your head and heart to get you back in the game, has happened. I feel like I'm getting my MoJo back....and I like it!

I started the day with a 3.5 mile interval run. Saturday is usually my longer run day but I'm still a little sore from the Tinkerbell half, and I want to really start working on increasing my run intervals.

It was a drizzly morning so I put my phone in a ziplock sandwich bag and head out. I live directly across the street from a shopping center. The sidewalk around the center is just a little over a mile for each lap around. I decided to just loop around and around and stick closer to home. It's not a route I can use during the week because it's dark when I run on the weekdays and the back side of the center is spooky and doesn't really feel safe at that time of day. But it's perfect on a Saturday. So was an eye-opener to realize how lax I have become with my running. A while back I settled on intervals of running for 45 seconds and walking for 30 seconds. I was working on total distance rather than on longer running intervals. I settled into that set and apparently got complacent. So yesterday I changed it to run for one minute and walk for 45 seconds....and I didn't allow myself extra walk breaks. Oh my goodness!! I felt like I was working so much harder!! I'm newly inspired to work hard at running for longer intervals! I used "MapMyRun" for this run but I'm disappointed in the coaching aspect of the app. It's not very customizable so it's back to "JogLog" for me. I'm planning to create a Saturday run set with the run intervals varying in length and gradually lengthening the run intervals as I get in better shape.
I'd really like to finish my next half marathon in under 3 hours.

Okay, so food-wise I did great!! I've committed to cooking more and planning menus for the week. I played around with some menu planning while I was working,
but then I forgot to bring it home with So as soon as I finish this post I'm going to go through the freezer and plan this week's meals according to what I have in there. That will also help me in making a shopping list. I've never ever been a menu planner before and I'm excited to see how this goes. I have a feeling it's going to save me some money as well as helping me to stay on track!

Okay, I think that's all I have to say for now :)

Oh more thing. I was kind of excited to find this photo of myself on the Team Sparkle Facebook page! I wore a Team Sparkle skirt for the Tinkerbell half marathon and they had photographers there! How cool is that!?


Misc Mom said...

I know exactly what you're talking about when it just clicks. Before then you just *want* it to click but when it actually does it feels amazing! Good job!!!

Vickie said...

Thank you!! And thank you for leaving a comment. I have been dismal at keeping up with my blog and the comments that are left...I am determined to do better at responding and visiting the blogs of those who comment. So, thank you for your support!!!