Sunday, October 7, 2012

Friday & Saturday October 5 & 6, 2012

Friday October 5 & Saturday October 6, 2012

So, Friday morning was my Weight Watcher meeting and weigh-in day. I was just sure I would step on the scale and have lost that .8 of a pound...and be at 50 pounds lost. I was SHOCKED when she said " You gained a pound this week."

I mean really, I know I had that big snack fest on Thursday night but I had been really good the rest of the week....or had I? When I really think about it, there were lots of instances in that week when I had to estimate PointsPlus values and serving sizes. There was the retreat and the struggle to find PointsPlus friendly foods, home fellowship pot-luck.... Oh, and those damned chocolate dipped shortbread cookies!!

So anyway, I gained a pound. I had to move a marble from the pounds lost jar back to the pounds to lose jar...and I had to admit to myself that the scale really doesn't lie. Oh sure, there are some normal fluctuations and weight goes up and down....but in the long run, the scale tells the story of how well I'm staying on plan.

Our leader on Friday was a substitute and she talked about embracing where we're at in the journey. Whether we're sailing along or's where we're at right now!! She also spoke about how we link food to certain events and feelings, and how we can re-program those "links" by being thoughtful and intentional about what we're doing and why we do it. It was a really good meeting.

Sometime on Friday I realized that THIS is where I am right now. I am just under 50 pounds lost. And, while I'm looking forward to being able to celebrate 50 pounds...the reality is that it really isn't going to change anything. The day I hit that milestone is ONE DAY. It won't change the journey. I'll still have to count my points and exercise and journey on toward my ultimate goal...and when I get to my final goal it won't really change anything either. I'll still have to count points and exercise and be thoughtful and intentional about my choices!

So, I'm going to be where I'm at, count points, exercise, and be thoughtful and intentional about my choices...and go to meetings each week and step on that scale...and it will either go up or down or stay the same.....and that's okay. It's all part of the journey!

Alright, so Friday and Saturday were busy, busy days. I tracked my food but I didn't get photos or detail anything. So here are the bare statistics...

26 PointsPlus total
Weekly used 0
Weekly Remaining 49
ActiveLink earned 1
Active link remaining 1

38 PointsPlus total
Weekly used 12
Weekly Remaining 37
ActiveLink earned 11
Active link remaining 12
Ran 7.2 miles 13 min/mile pace


spunkysuzi said...

You're right! It is just one weigh in, one day out of how many :)
Those little things really do add up if we don't keep track of them!
Hope you have a great weekend. That 50 lb goal is just around the corner.

Vickie said...

Thank you Suzy. I appreciate the encouragement!