Friday, October 5, 2012

Thursday October 4, 2012

Thursday October 4, 2012

Started the day with a 4 mile jog/walk, 13 minute pace.

Thursdays are a weird day for me. It's the end of my Weight Watcher week. I usually have a ton of extra activity and weekly points left. And I usually home alone on Thursday night. This makes for a challenging dynamic.

I tend to be a closet eater and having all those points leftover makes me feel somewhat entitled to eat whatever I want. But my weigh-in is on Friday morning! Ahh the challenges of a Weight Watcher!!

So, here's my menu. The part I didn't photograph is the stuff I ate after dinner...ugh! Technically, I am within my points allowance for the week. I am fairly confident I will show a loss when I weigh in. But I'm not happy about the after dinner snacking part. It's not a healthy habit. I am still working on it. The up side is that I tracked it. That is progress for me. In the past I would stop tracking and set a "start over" time in my head. Now it's a part of the journey and I'm working on it, documenting it and not letting it derail me. It's a journey...

Cereal with banana, apple, and almond milk.
6 PointsPlus

Wraps made with an alternative pita, split into two halves, FF cheese, turkey breast, spinach, tomato, and mustard.
Sliced apple
5 PointsPlus

Leftover chicken thigh with sauce,
Shiritaki noodles, laughing cow cheese, and Brummel & Brown spread, with a sprinkling of FF cheese
8 PointsPlus

Leftover bowtie pasta that I made for my granddaughter, yogurt with bananas and coconut smoothie mix, 2 chocolate dipped shortbread cookies (these are going in the trash Friday morning!)
21 PointsPlus!!

Total 40 PointsPlus
Weekly used 14
Weekly remaining 13
ActiveLink earned 7
ActiveLink remaining 23


Joy said...

Keep at it. You will get the results you desire!! Can't wait to hear how it goes! You've got this!!

Keep focused my Friend!!!

spunkysuzi said...

Looks good! Have a great weekend good to see another Weight Watcher blog.