Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Monday October 8, 2012

Monday October 8, 2012

Today was a busy, chaotic day! I'm feeling rather unmotivated and blah. These are the days when I have to just put one foot in front of the other and know that eventually I'll feel motivated again.

I did just okay, food-wise. Still struggling with the urge to snack at night. I ended up munching on some Special K cracker chips that I really didn't need but it could have been worse.

I need to start incorporating more exercise on my non-run days.

Okay, here's my menu:

Shredded Wheat with banana and almond milk.
Coffee with SF creamer
6 PointsPlus

Spinach salad with turkey breast, canola oil, oranges, cucumber, and raspberry balsamic vinegar.
Diet iced tea
2 PointsPlus

K-39 "Protein Tacos"
(Chicken "tacos" wrapped in lettuce leaves from a local taco shop)
16 PointsPlus

Greek yogurt
SF Jello with fruit
Special K cracker chips
8 PointsPlus

Total 32
Weekly Used 6
Weekly remaining 11
ActiveLink earned 0
ActiveLink Remaining 12

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