Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Wednesday October 17, 2912

Wednesday October 17, 2912

Wednesday Morning...
So, it's the Wednesday after the long weekend. I'm still not completely back on plan. But today is the day. I woke up knowing that I must leave early and go by the grocery store on my way to work so I have stuff for lunches.

Tonight I will turn my 4:30am alarm back on so that I'm awake to lace up those running shoes and go for a run.

I've enjoyed this little break and I'm fairly sure I'll see it on the scales on Friday, although I'm not expecting a big gain...just a little bump...but we'll see. It's been fun, but the days of allowing this to slip into weeks and then months of eating whatever/whenever and continuing to gain weight are gone. I will always get myself back to a healthy eating and exercise lifestyle within a few's something I've decided in my heart. I may take a long weekend here and there but the fat, lazy, unmotivated lady doesn't live here anymore.

Here's to a healthy, happy day!!

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