Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Back on track...my menu for Monday...

My Dad is still in the hospital but he's MUCH improved. He is through the worst of whatever these "episodes" are that he has and is now recovering. He is able to speak clearly again and is sleeping a lot. He's going to have a couple more tests done while he's in there simply because he needs to have them and it's much easier to do them while he's inpatient.

My menu is also back to normal and "recovering" from the crisis of the weekend! I am back on plan and feeling good about life returning to a more even keel.

Here is my menu for Monday...

Breakfast was a Carb Check bagel with fat free cream cheese, an orange, cut up and topped with Fage yogurt, and a big cup of Starbucks coffee. 4 points

Lunch was a 6 inch Veggie sandwich from Subway, to which I added a slice of ham and paired with a serving of Pringles Light Chips. 6 points

My afternoon snack was an Oats & Chocolate fiber One bar and a cup of Sweet Coconut Chai Tea. 2 points

Dinner was 6 ounces of grilled tilapia, Turnip "fries" and roasted brussels sprouts, along with a few baked fries (potato) 5.5 Points

Dessert was orange sements and watermelon balls topped with Fage yogurt. 4 points

I really didn't "need" this last snack that I ate while sitting in bed looking at a magazine...oh the luxury! This is a Skinny Cow Cookies and Cream ice cream sandwich. I didn't photograph it. This is a photo I snagged off the website. These are really quite good and could EASILY be a problem if I kept them around on a regular basis! 3 points

That's it...yesterday consisted of work, delivering meals for Meals on Wheels, and getting back to a regular routine.


Kelly said...

What a healthy day! Love those bagels.

I'm so very happy that your dad is doing better. That's great news.

Grace said...


♥ Dee ♥ said...

When crisis hits, it feels good to control what you can, doesn't it?

Sending healthy vibes to your dad.

Marisa (Trim The Fat) said...

Glad your dad is doing better :)

Never saw Skinny Cow COOKIES AND CREAM -oh yum!!!

How do you like that sweet coconut chai tea??