Saturday, April 18, 2009

The real day in the life of a band wife....not exactly as I imagined...but close!...

So...having made the decision that I would go to the event, and that I would do so with a good attitude, I got myself ready and fixed a breakfast consisting of a Carb Check bagel spread with Smart Balance light Buttery Spread, and a smoothie made from four frozen strawberries, a quarter cup of frozen blueberries and a cup of fat free milk. I had two cups of coffee with sugar free french vanilla creamer while I was getting dressed and whining on my blog about having to go. My morning totaled 7 points.

I had no sooner gotten my bagel out of the toaster and the placed straw in my smoothie when Vern announced he was ready to leave. I'm not really sure why we needed to leave for the event an hour early when it's fiften minutes from our house but he was ready to go. I said "great, I'll be right with you" and proceeded to finish my breakfast!

So, we jump in his jalopy (his term for his car) and off we go towards City Heights. This is us waiting in the car for someone...anyone....from the band to show up. Notice I am smiling...LOL. I am not voicing the thoughts that are running through my mind about being told to arrive at 11am only to sit in the car and wait for someone else to show up 30 to 40 minutes later. Remember, I am TRYING to have a good attitude about all of this...and actually, I really am only somewhat amused more than anything else. Well...ok..that's not true exactly. I'm hot too. It was 85 degrees today and were were in the the sun.

Finally someone else arrived and I am now waiting in the car while they figure out where they're going to set up to play.

I keep telling myself...."remember the fingers, Vickie...remember the fingers...don't get mad...just think about something good and pleasant (like the fingers) and try not to be irritated that no one who knows anything is there yet"

Finally, Vern comes back and tells me they are going to set up inside the fenced area and that it's cooler in there. So he gets his equipment out of the car and I follow him into the area. He's's cooler under the coverings over the picnic tables.

So...I decided that I could entertain myself by taking photos while I waited around for this thing to get started. I have this new habit of taking pictures of our feet in different locations around town so I pulled Vern over and had him pose for the picture of our feet. He always enjoys the photographing of the feet so he's good about it...LOL. It was his idea to get the neck of his bass in the shot and it was a nice touch, I thought.

I saw my reflection in Vern's sunglasses as I was taking photos and he was watching me. I thought it was cool looking so I took a picture of him watching me taking a picture of him watching me! I like it!

I decided to walk across the park to the restroooms and stopped along the way to photograph a pink sign welcoming the neighborhood to the event.

I also photographed the information table for the organization behind the band that Vern is playing with. It's an organization called O.Y.I.E. Music. They have a heart to reach kids through music and they are a pretty neat organization.

Finally, around 2:30 or so the band was up and playing. I was pleasantly surprised that they did praise and worship music for this event which I enjoy much more than the music they normally play. They are very talented, don't get me wrong, but the style of music they normally do isn't well suited to my 50 year old ears!...LOL.

So...the songs were sung and the food served and there was even a spanish speaking pastor who presented the gospel. All in wasn't really so bad. yes, there were times...several of them...when I wished that I was someplace else but it didn't kill me to go there and be my Knight in somewhat Rusty Armor's biggest groupie. On the way out...after much backslapping and high fiving with the rest of the guys...he thanked me for coming and told me it meant alot to him. Well, ok...he didn't actually say it that way....he said "it was really cool that you came, I liked having you there."....which translated meant a lot to him to have me there.

Ad then he agreed to go by my parents' house where several other family members were gathered for the afternoon. And guess who one of them just happened to be? My sweet little Autumn, still in her uniform from her very first PeeWee Soccer Game! Oh my goodness...she is the cutest little soccer player I have ever seen. She kept saying "Look Grandma Honey, I am a number three on the Koala Bears!" I told her that she was my favorite girl in the whole wide world and she replied..."and you are my very favorite Grandma in the whole wide world" that is good stuff I tell you! Good stuff indeed!

We headed for home after a full day. Vern wanted food from Taco Bell. i was tempted but decided that I would rather fix myself something. So Vern walked next door to Taco Bell...yes, we live within walking distance to any number of restauratnts and fast food places...with Taco Bell being right next door....and i set about fixing myself dinner. The Carb Check bagel and smoothie that I had for breakfast kept me full and satisfied all day. but by 5pm I was getting pretty hungry!

I made tacos using vegetarian ground beef style crumbles, some of the leftover vegetarian chili from the other night, LaTortilla Factory Smart and Delicious Tortillas, and all the standard taco fixings...lettuce, tomato, fat free cheese, salsa, and fat free sour cream. I had some leftover brown rice in the fridge and I mixed it with some of the taco filling and added salsa to it...making it into a spanish rice side dish. this was a delicious dinner at 7.5 points.

Of course i had a snack after dinner. Fage Total 0 yogurt, flavored with PB2 and frozen banana, topped with Fiber One Cereal and drizzled with Walden Farms chocolate syrup.....good stuff!

I have 5 points remaining from my daily allowance but I think I am just going to call it a day and go to bed. I am not hungry at all and I can't see eating any more when I am not hungry.

So, I am calling today a good day.


Marisa (Trim The Fat) said...

Glad you went and had a good time!

Your dinner is soooo yummy!

What a great relationship you and little Autumn have=)

Grace said...

Wonderful day. Oh, I couldn't get the YouTube video to work... but I survived... got to see the adoreable pixs of her in this post. BTW, both my DDs are always #3 in soccer too.