Thursday, April 2, 2009

It's Finally here!...

About a week or so ago I ordered my PB2 from Bell Plantation.
I have been anxiously awaiting its arrival, checking the progress of the package as it made its way across the country, and waiting for the morning when I would click on the tracking number and see this...

This is it!!! It's on the truck. It will be here today. (yesterday)

Finally, the trusty UPS guy brought my long awaited box!

My first thought upon seeing the box was that I thought it would be a bigger box. I don't know why I thought so...but I did.

I cut the top of the box open and there they FOUR jars of PB2!

I pull one jar out and admire the label...

I turn it around and read the nutritional information. It's almost too good to be true! Peanut butter that only has 53 calories in 2 tablespoons! My Skippy Super Chunk has 190 calories in 2 tablespoons!

I turned the jar and read the directions.

They included a sample packet of the chocolate flavor as well.

I was tempted to break it open then and there and give it a try. I'd been WAITING for this box to arrive for a week! But I waited until I got home. My original plan was to save it and try it when I had my late night snack. I'm not good at waiting! I ended up mixing up a serving while my dinner was in the oven.

I mixed it in a little bowl. It took more water than called for to get the consistency of peanut butter. I used about a tablespoon and a half. I stirred it up and tasted it right off of the spoon. Honestly my first taste seemed odd. I waited a couple of minutes and tried it again. It was much better after it sat for a bit.

I decided to go for the real taste test! How would it taste on a saltine cracker with a little Smart Balance Light Buttery Spread?

It was sooo good! I love this stuff! Now, having said that I have to say..this is not peanut butter. It's definitely different from peanut butter. But it's a really, really excellent substitute! I was nervous about buying 4 jars. Bell Plantation doesn't sell fewer than 4 jars at a time. After having received it and taste tested it I am so glad I went ahead and ordered it. I have also discovered that it is available at Netrition where you can order single jars.

So there it is...a points counting girl's dream come true...points friendly peanut butter! Life is good!

I will return later to update my menu for yesterday. My PB2 took too much time to post with a cat in my lap! I will say that I had PB2 TWICE...and stayed under my points allowance!!!!

I'm gonna love this stuff!

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