Wednesday, April 1, 2009

This morning I am determined to get myself out of the house early enough for a nice long walk on the way to work. I intended to walk yesterday but a phone call from my mom and too much time on the phone...and I found myself with only enough time to jump in the car and zoom to work! Not I am going to walk. And I am going to take photos of my walk. I have found myself taking photos of just about everything lately. I love photographs and photography. I have a secret desire to be a REAL photographer one day. I decided I am going to take a class on digital photograpy at the local community college. I have wanted to take this class for a while now but I thought I needed a more professional camera before taking the class. I have decided that I am going to go and take the class anyway. I need to learn to use the features of the camera that I have...and then maybe one day I can move up. I am babbling now, thinking out loud...but the whole point I was getting to is actually this...

My new friend Kelly over at Happy Texans posted a quote from an article she found on Yahoo Health. It stated that one way to eat less is to take photos of everything you eat. Apparently they found it to be even more effective than journaling. How cool is that!? Thanks Kelly!

ok, now on to yesterday's menu.

Breakfast was yogurt, frozen peaches (thawed), and fiber one. Lots of cinnamon and a dash of stevia. My usual 2 cups of coffee with Sugar Free creamer rounded out the morning at 3 points.

Lunch was a burger made with a Bocca Burger patty, fat free cheese, Sarah Lee Light Bread, lettuce and mustard. I had a serving of Pringles Light Chips and a half of an apple with it. This was a super satisfying 4 point lunch.

Dinner started out to be a bean burrito. But, when I got it all together it would fit in the tortilla! So I turned it into a Mexican Food Style salad. I laid the tortilla on the plate after heating it in a dry skillet. This was a LaTortilla Factory low carb, low fat, large tortilla. These are super good and only one point! I spread a cup of fat free refried beans on the tortilla and topped it with fat free cheese. Lettuce, tomatoes, salsa, and hot sauce. This was soooo good! I loved it and will be having it much more often! It's hard to believe that a huge plate of deliciousness can be only 4 points but there it is!

I am settling with the fact that my nighttime snack is actually my favorite meal of the day. I love having a huge bowl of cereal, fruit and skim milk at night. For years I have tried to follow the advice of not eating anything after dinner only to find myself in the kitchen, binging like a crazy woman. By allowing myself this healthy snack each evening I have virtually eliminated the urge to binge. I think there may be something valid about learning to eat healthy while making the necessary adjustments to allow for things like late night snacks. Anyway...this huge snack was 7.5 points.

Daily points used 18.5
Daily Points Target 23
Weekly Points used 0
Weekly points remaining 30


Marisa (Trim The Fat) said...

What awesome eats! I think taking photos and food blogging definitely helps with eating less overall. Although sometimes, I feel a little "obsessed" with food and what I'm going to eat!

Btw, thanks for passing the award to me, also! Hey, a girl can never have too many :)

Amy B said...

Hey there sweet Vickie...I am excited to see my award. i am going to add it to my blog tonight. Thank you so much.
So I am on my way out to some Philip appts. But I am guessing you are doing WW...yes? I am curious what you think of how it is working for you. If you have time email me..
The reason I ask is I am having to do a mix ya up plan too..
Hugs my friend. I am so excited you have a blog...I can keep up with you now.