Saturday, April 18, 2009

A day in the life of a band wife...

My Knight in Somewhat Rusty Armor, in addition to his knighthood, is a very talented and handsome musician. He plays bass. Watching his fingers dance over the strings on his bass is an amazing thing to me...and sends my imagination to other ways those fingers can dance...ooohhh...did I just say THAT!!??? Yes I did. But this is a different story about being the wife of a musician and a family friendly blog so let me stop thinking about THAT and take my thoughts in another direction...LOL

Here's the other thing about being a band wife...

I'm not sure what the day is going to look like for me. Vern is playing a gig this afternoon in City Heights...think inner an event for "at risk" youth. He wants me to go with him. I know I should go but I hate the thought of being alone in a crowd in City Heights while he plays...sigh...I guess I'll do the right thing and go with him. Shhh...don't tell him...but I HATE going to these events. He wants me there but he is totally busy with the band and I end up being completely ignored and alone in a crowd of people...I hate crowds. Plus it ALWAYS is not what he says it's going to be because he isn't diligent about finding out the details.

So...He SAYS we need to get there at 11am and they'll start playing at 1pm. He SAYS that he'll set up his equipment early and then have an hour or so to cruise the event with me before they start to play. He SAYS that they'll play for 30 to 45 minutes and then we'll be done and he'll pack up and we'll leave.

What will REALLY happen is that we'll get there at 11am...the parking won't be what he was told so he'll have to drop off his equipment...which I will get to stand guard over while he goes and parks the car....he'll be late setting up so he'll grab his equipment and head for the stage with me trailing behind. He'll set up his equipment and then start shooting the breeze with the other band members...up on the stage...completely forgetting that I am even there. Of course these events never come off as planned so there will be sound checks and set up issues and at some point he'll come down off the stage and inform me that they are running a little late..and oh by the way...we aren't scheduled to play until 3pm..he just thought they were scheduled at 1...and he needs to go find a bathroom can I wait there and sort of watch his equipment for a minute?.....30 minutes later he comes back and stands with me for a few minutes...we can't go check out the event because they might need his input for another sound check or to run through a song. Sure enough, he gets called back up and once again I am standing alone at the event...surrounded by "at risk" kids and their families...think potential gang members.

They FINALLY begin to play....this particular band, while they do good works and are a Christian band...they play music that I don't enjoy. It's a young, hip-hop style that does nothing for me. So I stand around, my feet aching from standing on asphalt all day, listening to music that grates on my nerves...until they are done. When they are FINALLY done there is more shooting the breeze among the band members, back slapping and high fives while packing up their equipment...all while I stand myself...waiting for them to be done. Finally Vern descends from the stage and says, Ready to go?...Oh yeah...I'm ready...LOL.

Tell me again why I need to be there? Ughhh!!! There's something I am supposed to be learning...something about being content in every situation or circumstance...surely this situation is exempt from that...right?

Philippians 4:11-13
I am not saying this because I am in need, for I
have learned to be content whatever the circumstances
. I know what it
is to be in need, and I know what it is to have plenty. I have learned the
secret of being content in any and every situation, whether well fed or hungry,
whether living in plenty or in want. I can do everything through him who gives
me strength.

Ok..I'll go...and I will smile and be grateful to be there...grateful that he wants me there and I will rejoice in the fact that this is God's will for me...that I would come alongside my Knight in Somewhat Rusty Armor and support, encourage, and do him good all the days of my life.

Maybe by some fluke I'll end up having fun...ya think? (And maybe the end of the day will include some of that "dancing" I was thinkin about earlier, huh?...LOL)


Grace said...

Oh... so it gets back to the fingers in the end of the post after all, huh? LOL I think that's the least Vern can do, you are there to support him ... so he, ummm, needs to support you later... wink wink...

So... if I ever get out there, and Vern's band does a gig while I"m there... we'll go together, deal?

Vickie said...

Actually, he's crashed out on the sofa in front of the TV after several hours of hanging out in the sun at the event...LOL. But a girl can always dream, right?

As for going to a gig together...DEAL!!!

{leah} said...

What a good supportive wife you are..... at least he has good fingers... :)

Anonymous said...

Wish there were more sites on how to cope being a band wife. I'm new to this & have LOTS of questions.