Sunday, April 5, 2009

Sunday Night...

It's Sunday night after a very full weekend. There are photos to upload and menus to post but none of that seems very important tonight. Tonight my heart is just heavy and sad. This weekend Vern and I kept our beautiful granddaughter Autumn while her Daddy (my son) and her Mommy, moved the last of their life together out of the house they shared and to their respective different locations.

Neither of them has a place of their own yet. My soon to be ex-daughter-in-law is moving in with her parents. For that I am thankful as I don't really trust her decision making abilities anymore to feel any amount of peace with the idea of she and Autumn living alone. My son is rooming with his brother until June when they will be able to rent a house together. Autumn, will be spending a portion of the week with her mommy and a portion with her daddy.

There's so much wrong with this picture and it all makes my heart deeply sad. People keep saying that children adjust and I guess that's true...especially when they have no choice but to adjust. But today, when it came time to return my precious granddaughter to her parents, she asked me, "Grandma, which house are you taking me to? Are we going to the house that Julian owns?(Julian is the landlord for the house they lived in as a family) Or are we going to Grandma Tootsie's house where Mommy is? Or are we going to Uncle Courtney's house with Daddy?"

My beautiful, precious, innocent, four year old granddaughter no longer knows where home is...So today after I dropped her off with her parents, so they could go their separate ways, I cried all the way home. And I am crying now as I type this.


Amy B said...

I have no words to fix this for you. I know how hard this is for you because we have talked before about your feelings . All I can offer you Vickie is this. You are the best Grandmama I know. You offer that sweet little girl a place of calm and stability. She needs that most right now. And you need her right now.
I am going to pray for you my friend. I know your heart is hurting and for that I am sorry.
I love ya and I am a email away..always.

Grace said...

Children are more resilient than we give them credit for. But it's such a shame... and my heart is heavy for you and your precious granddaughter... that they have to learn to be resilient. She doesn't have a choice... I can only pray that the best happens from this situation... that your son and ex-DIL are able to maintain their relationship as to not hurt Autumn. I've told you before... that you are a great grandparents... You and Vern have such an amazing place in her life. You will help her succeed.

Oh... and thanks for not posting the food porn tonight... I don't think I could go to bed after seeing the wonderful things you make and eat. I'll be dreaming about them instead. Hugs!

Vickie said...

Awwww...encouraging words from two amazing women!! Thanks so much. I am feeling better this morning.