Friday, April 3, 2009

Thurdays' menu...

I don't have a lot of time this morning so this will be a simple post to log my menu for Thursday.

Breakfast was oatmeal with apple, raisins, a tablesppon of PB2, and a half cup of Fiber One. This is my new favorite breakfast! Two cups of coffee with sugar free creamer and my morning was 5 points.

Lunch was a bean burrito I made with fat free refried beans, a low carb tortilla, shredded letttuce, fat free cheese, and salsa. I had mandarin orange sements with it. 8 points.

Dinner was interesting! It was one of those nights when time was crunched and dinner needed to be quick. Vern had another musician friend coming over to work on some things they're putting together so I wanted dinner to be done and the kitchen cleaned up before he arrived. Vern pulled a box of Hambuger helper out of the pantry and announced, "I'll just has some of this, but what will you have?" He's so used to me fixing two different meals because of whatever new diet plan I happen to be on at the time!

So, I took a look at the nutritionals on the box and said, I can make this work. It's not my first choice for a healthy meal but I can make it work. I love that about being on Weight Watchers! There aren't a bunch of restrictions and special foods and "I can't have this or that." I can just eat in the real world where sometimes Hambuger helper is on the menu! There is a certain freedom in that!

So, I cut up a salad and threw some vegetables in the oven to roast while I prepared the Hambuger Helper. I used extra lean ground beef and skim milk along with the stuff in the box.

A cup of the prepared Hamburger Helper, a side salad with fat free ranch dressing to dip my fork in, and a serving of roasted vegetables. I had a diet 7-up to drink. This meal was 6 points.

After dinner I had a sliced banana with the chocolate flavored PB2 sample that was in the box with my order. Can I just tell you...I love PB2!!! This stuff ROCKS!!!

I would love to be able to say that completed my day and end it there. But, the musician friend stayed past my bedtime. I was sleepy and stuck down in the living room/kitchen area of our condo because they were working upstairs. I was trying to read and falling asleep. I suppose I could have tried just going to bed but they were right next to our bedroom working on music and it was LOUD! I didn't mind them being up there, I just ended up grazing out of sheer boredom and sleepiness.

So, I also had a bowl of sugar free pudding and a Fiber One Oat and Chocolate bar before I was done eating for the day. I didn't take photos of those two things. It wasn't a full out binge. But I wasn't hungry and I was just eating to be eating. I'm a bit disappointed in myself to have fallen into that old habit but I am also glad that I stopped before it turned into a binge!

Total Points Used 26.5
Weekly points used 3.5
Weekly points remaining 26.5
Activity points earned 1
Activity points remaing 2

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