Friday, April 17, 2009

My Menus for Thursday and Friday...

I ran short on time this morning. So I uploaded my photos from yesterday to blogger and thought I'd just add the text and points and general chit chat in later during my lunch break or whatever. Well..."whatever" never happened. So here I am. It's after 9pm on Friday and I am finally going to finish the menu post I started this morning....along with my menu for today as well. But first I am going to save this again and go take a nice warm bath and put my jammies on and THEN come back and finish the post....I'll be back in just a little while...

Ok...I'm back and I fel so much more relaxed and focused. Vern has practice tonight for a gig he's playing tomorrow so I have the house to myself...anyhow...

Here's my menu for Thursday:
Breakfast was this amazing "sausage", egg and cheese bagel. I used a Western bagel Alternative Bagel, Sweet Wheat flavor. Inside the bagel was a meatless sausage patty. (I must say, I am very impressed with the vegetarian meat substitutes I've been experimenting with. I am not a vegetarian by any stretch of the imagination but these non meat sausage and ground beef substitutes are so much lower in calories and they taste amazingly good.) Ok...where was I...Oh yeah, along with the "sausage" patty I had a slice of fat free cheddar cheese and an eggwhite. I also used a teaspoonful of fat free mayonnaise on it. Paired with an orange, this was a great meal! Counting my morning coffee with sugar free creamer this came to 5 points

Lunch was a big 5 ounce, grilled chicken breast that I sliced up and and piled on a green salad. I had snap peas and an apple with it. 6.5 points

In the late afternoon I had a Fiber One Oat and Chocolate bar. I didn't get a photo. 2 points

Dinner was Chili Dogs made with Hebrew National 97% fat free hot dogs, Sarah Lee Light Bread, a half a slice of fat free cheese on each, and a half of a cup of vegetarian chili split between them. I had roasted turnip "fries" and roasted brussels sprouts on the side. 8 points

My after dinner snack was yogurt mixed with PB2. Again, no photo...sorry. 2 points

I just stuck this picture in here because she is so flippin cute! This is Agnes napping in Vern's chair. on to today, Friday...

Breakfast was an apple with cinnamon and PB2 for dipping it in. Of course I had my morning coffee earlier with sugar free creamer. My morning was 4 points.

Lunch was a bagel burger. I used a Carb Check plain bagel, toasted, for the bun. Inside the bun I put a Boca burger patty, a slice of fat free cheese, lettuce, tomato, and mustard. I had snap peas on the side. This was so good. I seriously could have given one of these burgers to Vern without him knowing and he would have thought it was a hamburger! This lunch was 5 points.

Late in the afternoon when my energy was starting to lag, I had a Fiber One, Oat & Chocolate bar and a cup of Sweet coconut Chai Tea. This was a good snack. 2 points.

Because I was home alone for dinner I had opportunity to experiment. I've been wanting to try making a stir fried noodle dish with shirataki noodles and this was the perfect opportunity. It doesn't make such a pretty dish to photograph but it was really good! I am out of anything green or colorful to add but the next time I make it I'll add some more colorful vegetables. This is onions, garlic, and gold bell peppers sauteed in a teaspoon of olive oil. (yes, I measured it) When the onions and pepers were cokked a little I added 3 ounces of diced, extra firm tofu and some soy sauce, black pepper, and a sprinkling of PB2 powder to give it a hint of that Thai peanut sauce flavor. While all of that was going on I had pre-rinsed the noodles very well and parboiled and set them to drain. When it was time to add them to the stir fry, i wrapped them in a paper towel and squeezed the excess waterfrom them. I also chopped them up a little. Then I stir fried it all together addng a dash of chicken broth mix. Oh my goodness! This was so good! I am loving shirataki noodles!! This dinner was 3.5 points for the whole bowl full.

After dinner I decided I wanted frozen yogurt so I got on line and began checking nutrition counts for yogurt. To my delight and surprise I discovered The Golden Spoon Frozen Yogurt cahin. Their yogurt is fat free and approximately 22 calories in an ounce. AND...there is a location a couple of blocks from my house! So off I went to the Golden Spoon to satisfy my soft serve craving. I got the large thinking that it would be 12 ounces or so...the size of the bowl. Well, they are very generous there at the Golden Spoon and overfilled the cup. I got half peanut butter flavor and have chocolate malt. It was so good. I would have never guessed it was fat free. I am going to be going back there often! But in the future I will order a small because once they put it in a cup and hand it to me I am not going to stop eating it until it's gone...that's how much will power and self control I have when it comes to soft serve ice cream...which is exactly what this tasted like! I figure there was 20 ounces in that bowl for 9 points.

Both days I was over by half a point at 23.5 points for the day. I have 34 of my weekly points left for the weekend...and i am full of frozen yogurt, all snuggled in my jammies and ready to hit the sack, one happy and contented woman!

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