Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A day of cool stuff!.....

Before I share my menu from yesterday I want to share a couple of other things from yesterday....

Yesterday was one of those days that comes along once in a while. It was one of those days when you just get cool stuff for no special reason! Well, I shouldn't really say for no special reason because the kindness of others is very special! So I'll say...for no special occasion!'s the cool new things I got yesterday for no special occasion but because of a couple of especially kind people.

The first very cool thing that I got was this awesome bag. I can not even tell you how much I love this bag! It's cool, it's's urban! One of the perks of my job is being able to order something out of our catalog each month at no charge. Then a couple of times a year, when the new stuff comes out, I get to order up to ten new things...they call them "wearable samples." This bag is one of the ten things I ordered this time and I embroidered my name on it yesterday. I was very excited to get this super cool bag, but even more excited about it once I got my name on it! The thing I love the most about this bag is that it is both a backpack and a super cool messenger's convertable. I'll be using this bag a lot as I walk to work and it has room for all my stuff. Sorry the photo isn't better. If the photo was better you would be able to see that the embroidery is done in shades of grey and silver.

This next thing I bought for myself. The new Hungry Girl book was released yesterday. It's jam packed with low calorie recipes. I love Hungry Girl's recipes and decided on a whim to run by the bookstore after work and get my copy. I can hardley wait to get started trying some of the recipes in this book!

I saved the best for last! Of the new things I received yesterday, the one that blessed me the most was this box that arrived at my door shortly after I got home from work. The UPS man brought me a gift from my new friend Kelly! Kelly did a giveaway on her blog, Happy Texans, a little while back featuring these bagels. I really, really wanted to win those bagels!! But I didn't win. Kelly, being the sweet lady she is, sent me these bagels out of the kindness of her heart! How cool is THAT!? Thank you Kelly!!! Your kindness just simply made my day! Guess what I am having for breakfast this morning!?...hummm?

Can you even believe how much cool stuff I got in one day!? And my birthday isn't even here yet!'s what I ate yesterday.

Breakfast was oatmeal, apple and Smart Balance Light Buttery I in a breakfast rut? I also had my morning coffee plus a cup of Starbucks coffee with real half and half in it for a morning total of 6 points.

Lunch was soup and salad. The soup was a Progresso Light Vegetable Noodle soup. I can't remember the exact name but it comes in a pack from Costco. It's a pack of ten cans, half of which are the Light Italian vegetable and half are this vegetable noodle one. Very tasty and filling and less than 2 points for the entire can. I paired it with a salad that I threw together from things I had in the fridge at work. I am trying to make sure I get lots of vegetables and fruits and not rely on things like Pringles chips so often. My lunch was 4 points.

Dinner was really much better than it looks in the photo! When I took the photo I didn't realize that so much excess liquid had seeped out on to the plate. I drained it before I ate it but didn't take a new photo. Anyhow.....this was leftover spaghetti sauce from a few nights ago. I mixed in some fresh mushrooms and 3 ounces of firm tofu then tossed it with pre-cooked shirataki noodles. Let me say, once again, I am thrilled with these noodles! I was a little bit afraid of them but I am so pleasantly surprised by how good they really are! This is the second time I have used them and I am sure that they will be a staple in my kitchen from now on. Ok...back to my dinner. I paired my "pasta" with a tossed salad drizzled with fat free ranch dressing. This was comfort food! 6 points

This has quckly become my favorite dessert. I almost feel guilty for having it but, in reality, it's filled with good, healthy foods. The Walden Farms syrups that I drizzle on top are maybe not the healthiest of things but it's seriously a couple of tablespoonfuls along with an entire bowl of wholesome I am good with it. This bowl contains fat free vanilla yogurt sweetened with stevia and flavored with PB2, a large frozen banana and a cup of Fiber One cereal....drizzled with the above mentioned frankensyrups...this stuff is decadent I tell you! Chocolate, peanut butter, crunchy, sweet, cold....there is no deprivation going on here! 6 points

Total points 22
Daily target 23


Grace said...

Dang it... I guess that means I didn't win the bagels either... lol

Cool bag... nice work perk.

Kelly said...

I love that bag! So you do your own embroidery? How cool is that?!

Glad you liked the bagels. They have helped me out in my weight loss journey. They keep me filled up for quite a while. Less snacking.

I have that Hungry Girl book coming from Amazon. Should be here any day now. Can't wait!

Vickie said... Grace you didn't witn the bagels either...but if you come out for a visit we'll eat some bagels together before we go to coco's for beakfast :).

Kelly...yes, I work for an embroidery place so I not only get to order stuf out of our catalog at no cost...I get to embroider anything I want to. It's a pretty great place to work!

You're going to love the hungry girl book. I have her other one too, "Recipes and Survial Stratagies in the Real World". I love her stuff. Her recipes really taste as good as she claims they do!