Monday, April 27, 2009

Monday...weighing in....and other things...

Monday morning is my weigh in time. I was VERY tempted to skip it this morning...but then denial isn't really the best tool for learning to live a healthier lifestyle, now is it? So here it Monday morning reckoning with the scale. The scale is a heartless thing. It doesn't care that I have spent hours and hours at the hospital. It doesn't count hour after hour of repeating the phrase, "Pop, you need to lay back and relax, you can't get up." as exercise. It doesn't take into account that this weekend was emotionally hard so when my son and my darling granddaughter invited me to the chinese buffet it was only understandable that I would go and that I wouldn't use a lot of restraint. Nope...the scale is hard and unbending and simply states the cold hard facts of the consequences of tossing your healthy eating plan aside for the weekend. It simply and coldly have gained a pound this week.

Honest...I started each day with the intention of eating's my breakfast from yesterday. I ate it in the car as I drove to pick up my sister and then on to the hospital. Unfortunately, it was the only really healthy meal I had!

So, I am over the scale this morning. The weekend is done. I had my birthday celebration and a crazy hospital weekend and only gained a pound. I'm over it and on to a better week ahead.

We still don't really have any answers about what triggered our Pop's latest episode but he seems to be through the worst of it and is now sleeping it off in the hospital. Everyone seems to think it may well have been an adverse reaction to the medication that is supposed to be preventing this very thing...{{sigh}}. They will keep him and run a few more tests and treat him for the urinary tract infection he has that never seems to clear up. I'm just relieved that he is calmer and able to sleep and seems to be getting over this one.

Yesterday my light of my life granddaughter drew me a picture for my birthday. It is a treasure to me!

"Grandma Honey, this is a picture of you and me. We both have red shirts because it's your favorite color and we're holding hands...and we both have beautiful bows in our hair."

I love this picture more than I can say...of course I do...I am a grandma...we're like that you know! I am the one on the left with the rather large blue ears...LOL

Thank you all for the kind comments and prayers for my Pop. Now I am off to start a new week.

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Kelly said...

You know, life happens. Pounds come and go and that 1 pound will probably be gone next week. Don't let it bother you too much.
I'll be joining you in the gainer's circle this week too. Water retention. Ugh.

Cute drawing. The blue ears are very classy and exotic. haha

And those socks are killer! Girl, where do you find those socks? I must go shopping. hehe