Saturday, April 4, 2009

It's the weekend!!!

It's finally the weekend! I am putting this post together and then we are going to go to breakfast and then on to pick up the Princess Autumn for the weekend. This is the weekend when her Daddy moves the last of their life out of the house they lived in as a family. Today he moves the rest of the furniture and belongings into the storage container. Tomorrow he and his soon to be ex-wife clean the house together. (that should be an interesting day) Monday the carpet cleaners come. Tuesday the walk through with the landlord, turning in of the keys...and then walking away from that chapter of his life. He is handling it all amazingly well. I am proud of him. None of this is what he wanted but he is walking this path with his integrity intact, becoming an even better father than he was before, and being refined by the pain of this experience.

We will have Autumn until tomorrow evening. We love having her! She is such a joy to us! I am always soooo tired when she goes home....4 year olds require much energy!

OK..yesterday's menu...

Breakfast was really more of a snack because I wasn't really hungry after my snacking on Thursday night. But, I am taking alfalfa and garlic supplements to try and avoid these bladder infections that have plagued me for most of my life...and THOSE are not things I want to risk taking on an empty stomach! So, toasted light bread with PB2...oh my goodness...I love, love, love PB2!!! (Maybe I should have ordered 20 jars!)This was 2 points.

Lunch was a wrap made with a low carb tortilla, some turkey breast lunch meat, cheese, lettuce and mustard. I had a half an apple and some Pringles Light chips with it. 5.5 points

By the time I got home after work and the grocery store I was famished! I ate a banana while I was cooking my dinner. I didn't get a photo of it before I horked it down! Dinner was a grilled chicken breast, brown rice, roasted veggies and a side of collard greens. This was so, so good! The chicken breast was a huge, 6 ounce one and this was a large, satisfying meal at 11 points.

My after dinner snack while watching TV was fat free plain yogurt flavored with stevia, vanilla, and PB2. If you've never had peanut butter flavored have got to try this!!! Oh my goodness!! This desert is GOOD! I sprinkled it with Fiber One and drizzled Walden Farms pancake syrup over it. Oh Yum, yum!!! 3 points

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