Thursday, April 16, 2009

Wednesday's Menu...and sweatpants fit!!!

I have a pink and black sweatsuit that I absolutely love and was so sad to realize in January that I could no longer wear it because the pants were skin tight. As we all know very well, skin tight sweatpants and 200 pound women are not an attractive combination at all! So I hung them back in the closet with a sigh on that morning in January...the morning when I began to realize that I really, really needed to make a significant lifestyle change.

Well...this I am wearing aforementioned darling pink and black sweatsuit at work! Sorry for the quality of the photo. I took it with my cell phone in the mirror. But you get the idea! My cute pink and black sweats fit again!!! Woot!!! :)

Ok...on to my menu from yesterday.

Breakfast was a big, delicious Carb Check Cinnamon bagel that my sweet friend Kelly sent me all the way from Texas! This is a great big, oh-so-filling bagel! I paired it with a sliced apple sprinkled with cinnamon and a cup of cinnamon tea. (and spread the bagel with fat free cream cheese) Those green pills are the alfalfa supplements I am taking to keep the bladder infections away. So far it's working. I had coffee with sugar free creamer earlier in the morning for a morning total of 4.5 points

Lunch was a ham and cheese wrap, made with fat free ham and cheese of course. The "wrapper" was a LaTortilla Factory Smart & Delicious Burrito size tortilla. I really love these tortillas! I had a serving of Pringles Light chips and some sugar snap peas on the side. This was a great lunch at 5.5 points

Dinner was fun. Vern and I both got home a little bit late from our jobs because of errands that we needed to do. We "needed" comfort food! So we had breakfast for dinner. This was sort of a lot of work for me because I basically had to cook two separate breakfasts. There is NO WAY Vern is ever going to agree to eat egg whites or vegetarian anything! But it was worth the effort that it took to make it. I had Vegetarian sausage, scrambled eggwhites with peppers, onions and fat free cheese, and a Fiber One pancake with smart balance light buttery spread and walden farms pancake syrup...oh my goodness...this was so good! 8 points

My snack was Fage Total 0 Greek yogurt...this stuff is sooooo worth the extra $$$ that it costs! It's rich and creamy and so, so delicious. I had a half a banana, a few frozen blueberries, topped with a half cup of the yogurt and drizzled with Walden Farms Chocolate Syrup. With the blueberries and chocolate it had a flavor that reminded me of those candies from Trader Joe's that have the rasperry gel covered with dark chocolate...the ones that are so popular at Christmas...this was heaven in a bowl! 2.5 points

Ok...I am cheating and updating from work..hehehe! Gotta get back to the grindstone!


Amy B said...

Not only do they look HOT in them...HOT grandmama in sweats..

Vickie said... you're my very bestest friend Amy!...LOL. Thanks so much for the compliment. I love this sweatsuit and I'm so happy that it fits again.

Marisa (Trim The Fat) said...

You go in your pink sweat suit!!!! Way to rock it :)