Saturday, April 25, 2009

Saturday morning...

Vern and I had a really nice evening last night, for my birthday. We went to our favorite pizza joint...a little hole on the wall place in Seaport Village called Assagios.

This is "our" table. We always sit at this table when we come here...even if we have to stand back and stare people down to get them to move!...not really...we don't stare people down...but we do wait for them to leave and then snag the table as soon as they get up. It takes 20 to 30 minutes for the pizza to be ready and a good number of the patrons get pizza by the slice so it's usually enough time for them to finish their slice and be one their way...leaving us to "our" table!

We had the Chicago Style Pizza. (which I did not photograph)I have no idea if this is really a Chicago style pizza, being from Southern California and having never been anywhere near Chicago, I can only assume they are know what they're talking about when they say it's Chicago style! I can tell you its definitely our favorite pizza EVER!

It was my birthday so I left my points counter gadget at home and I went and had 2 slices. We walked a little bit but it was cold so we really didn't walk around as much as we normally do. We stopped on the way home and Vern bought ice cream and I got some "Skinny Cow" ice cream sandwiches. I was tempted to get something nore decadent but I knew that I would be faced with leftovers and I wanted my pointless evening to be done and over with in one night. So, I got the Skinny Cow sandwiches, had one for dessert, was pleasantly surprised by how good they are. I have leftovers but they are leftovers that will easily fit into my point allotment.

I have yet to try out my new popcorn popper but I'm sure I'm going to love it.

So, today is a back on track day for me. I am sipping my second cup of coffee and getting ready to begin my day.

Our Pop had another rough night and my poor sister is feeling pretty frazzled and tired. We are feeling pretty sure that it is time to begin using a restraint vest to keep him from falling in the night when he tries to get out of bed. My sister would still have to sit with him when he's agitated and confused but at least he wouldn't fall if she dozed off for a minute or two. So, that is one of my plans for today. I am going to make a vest that will keep him from getting up unassisted in the night. We are also going to install alarms on the doors so that he can't wander off. We feel that our beloved Pop really doesn't have much more time here on this earth and will be called home to Jesus in the not too distant future. we are certain that we want to keep him at home where he is loved and cared for with dignity. We've seen, first hand, the way he is treated in the hospital and we know that it would be even worse in a nursing home situation...and we are determined that we are not going to let that be the fate of our Pop. I remember the last time he was hospitalized, my sister and I kept having to remind the nurses..."This is our FATHER!!! This is not just some useless old man! He is our dad. He served his country. He raised a family. He matters and you will treat him with respect!!!" I was apalled by the insensitive, indifferent care he received. So, if a restraint vest will help accomplish the goal of letting him live out his last days in the home he built and raised a family in..then so be it. But it's a difficult choice...{{sigh}}}


Marisa (Trim The Fat) said...

Great job staying on plan Vickie!!

sorry about your dad ((hugs))

Amy B said...

You are a great daughter and you are right..they need to be reminded that the people thet take care of are someone ..etc.

So how good was that pizzia...tell me..yummy

Joann said...

The vest is totally understandable, it's for his safety, and you have to do what you have to do. He's very lucky to have you and your sister there.