Wednesday, April 22, 2009

My menu for Tuesday April 21....

Ok...trying to catch up a little bit here! This is my menu for Tuesday, April 21.

***Note*** I am posting this on Thursday April 23 but I am going to let it post here for the sake of continuity.

It's been such a crazy week and the days are all kind of running I'mnot going to try and recall a lot of details about what happened on Tuesday. I did, however, upload my menu photos with the intention of coming back to post so I can at least post that!

Breakfast was oatmeal and Fiber One Cereal, with a apple cut up and cooked in it. I topped it with stevia and Smart Balance Light Buttery Spread. This is probably my favorite breakfast! Of course I had my usual 2 cups of coffee with sugar free creamer in it for a morning total of 5 points.

Lunch was a ham and cheese sandwich on light bread, Pringles fat Free chips, an apple and some PB2 to dip it in. 6 points.

In the afternoon I had a snack of a Fiber One Oats and Chocolate Bar and a cup of Sweet coconut Chai herbal tea. 2 points.

Dinner was a green salad and a leftover chicken breast that my sister cooked for me. It was breaded with panco but I peeled it off before I heated it up. There was also some cheese inside of it. It was about a half ounce of cheese. 5 points.

My snck wa a bowl of cereal, puffed kamut, fiber one, a banana and skim milk....and ANOTHER Oat and Chocolate Bra (shame on me!) 7 points

So, my total for the day was 25 points.

Target 23

weekly points used 2

activity points remaining 2


Amy B said...

You are doing great Vickie..I am so excited for the chnages you are making. I think you have finally gotten what so many of us are still looking for...

A LIFE LONG PLAN we can live with..

I am proud of you ...

And before you think I forgot..

Happpy you...woo hoo.

Vickie said...

Thanks Amy...I really am looking to make a life long change in my lifestyle...I am soooo sick of the idea of "dieting!"

Reading your words..."I am proud of you..." touches my heart. Thank you