Thursday, March 26, 2009

Catching up for Wednesday and Thursday

Oh my goodness...I overslept this morning and then my Mom called to chat and then I had to get myself out the door and to work on it it almost 8:00pm and I am finally finding the time to post yesterday's menu! I guess I might as well just post today's while I'm at it too!

The antibiotic I am taking is making me feel like something the cat dragged in. I've been headachey and irritable all day. Then I looked at some of the blogs about children who are having chemo and not being as much of a big baby as I feel like being and it makes me just shutup and be grateful that I am relatively healthy.

So...yesterday for breakfast I had some yogurt with Fiber One cereal and blueberries in it. With my 2 cups of coffee and sugar free hazelnut creamer, my morning was
4 points.

Lunch was a sandwich made from the last of the shaved turkey, a couple of huge slices of tomato, some lettuce, reduced fat mayo and mustard, all on light bread. I had a serving of Light Pringles Chips with my sandwich. 4.5 points

Dinner was a grilled chicken breast, a half a cup of brown rice, and some steamed asparagus with smart balance light buttery spread on it. I really liked this meal. It was simple, took only a few minutes to prepare and was delicious. 8 points

This is the rice I had with my dinner. I found this at Costco. Each bowl has 2 servings of brown rice and is fully cooked and ready to heat in the microwave. I am just thrilled with this stuff! Brown rice takes so long to cook and it's hard to cook small portions so this is perfect for me.

My late night snack was my usual bowl of cereal and banana. One cup of puffed kamut, one half cup of Fiber One, a banana and a cup of skim milk. 5 points

You can't really see it in the photo but the banana in this cereal is frozen. I peel and freeze my bananas when they get ripe and then use them in cereal or smoothies. They are still easy to slice when they are frozen and still taste great. I wasn't sure at first about using them in anything other than smoothies after they were frozen. But they work great in my cereal. In fact, I've come to prefer them frozen over fresh!

That brings us to today...

This morning I was feeling pretty crummy and I just needed to eat something so I could take my antibiotic. I had some yogurt, cinnamon and Fiber One, mixed together. Two cups of coffee with sugar free hazelnut creamer over the course of the morning. 3 points.

By lunch time I was feeling a lot better. I was hungry, in spite of the fact that I had a headache and was feeling dizzy. Not much kills my appetite. I had a veggie burger with cheese, tomato, lettuce, and mustard on light bread. I had Light Pringles chips and an apple along with it. This was really quite a good 6 point lunch!

Tonight I was home alone. Vern's at worship team practice at church. So dinner was Fiber one pancakes, scrambled eggwhites and 2 veggie breakfast patties. I am, by no means a vegetarian but have been trying some of the veggies things recommended by Hungry Girl. All I can say is she sure knows what she's talking about!

I used Walden Farms calorie free pancake syrup and Smart Balance light spread on the pancakes. This was my first attempt at using the Fiber One Pancake mix so you'll see that my pancakes are not exactly round! The batter is really thin and hard to work with. I think with practice I'll be able to make a decent pancake with it. The pancakes are a tad rubbery compared to say, Bisquick pancakes. But the flavor is nice and I will definitely have them again. Dinner was 8 points.

My snack today was a Fiber One "Oats & Chocolate" Bar...mainly because I found boxes of them at the 99 cents store on my way home and I wanted to try them. Pretty tasty! 2 points


Marisa (Trim The Fat) said...

Sorry you're not feeling well :( Headaches are the worst!

That brown rice is a great find!

Melissa said...

Hope your feeling better!!