Monday, March 16, 2009

Details from the weekend...

So...last time I was here I was facing the "Let's Do Lunch" get together with some women from my church and hoping it would be diet friendly. You would think that it would be, as it was a salad pot luck. But, there was not one single diet friendly salad int he whole bunch! That being said, I think I did ok. There were eight women there, including myself. I had a bite or two of each salad that was served and I skipped the bread. There was sparkling apple pomegranate Martinelli's to drink out of lovely little champagne glasses. I had one glass and a couple of cups of coffee. Dessert was a small slice of peach pie. Honestly, the food was secondary in my mind once the luncheon got under way. We were like something out of a really good "chick flick!" We shared stories from our lives and we laughed and cried and encouraged each other. It was wonderful! I did not break out my camera and take any photos while I was there...and for that I am kicking myself! If I would have anticipated what a truly lovely time I was going to have I most definitely would have snapped some photos!

Ater the luncheon, I went to my parents house and hung out for a while with the family. My son was there with my beautiful granddaughter....the lovely Miss Autumn!

My sister's flowers are blooming and spring has most definitely sprung in the back yard so I took lots and lots of photos...just for the fun of it! My sister has done an amazing job of beautifying my parents' back yard!

Then I headed home, stopping at the grocery store to get some much needed veggies. I ended up not getting any fresh veggies and I will be going out today to purchase those. I did get a few bags of frozen cauliflower and frozen cauliflower/broccoli/carrot mix.

This was Dinner Saturday night.

I didn't take pictures of the 3 chocolate chip cookies I ate. Cookies that belonged to Vern. Cookies that Vern actually woke me up and asked me, "Did you eat my cookies?" "Ummm...yeah...that was me...I'm sorry I ate your cookies...could you maybe put them someplace other than the kitchen counter in the future?....preferably someplace where I can't see them please?" Life with an addict is tough, I tell you!

Ok...yesterday was a much better day foodwise. The weekends are the hardest time for me and Sundays are snacky days but I think I did good.

Breakfast was just coffee and Sugar Free Hazelnut creamer. No Photo this time

Lunch was great! I amde Tuna salad using Smart Balance Fat Free Mayo. I was delightfully surprised at how good it was! There's a funny story behind me getting this mayo. I was at the grocery store walking up the aisle and I overheard this sweet, older gentleman telling a younger couple about this "zero point" mayonnaise. Well...I had to KNOW!!! So I just barged into their conversation and said.."please, do tell me about the zero point mayo!" and he did. That's how I managed to come home with a jar of Smart Balance Fat Free mayo! So anyway, I made tuna salad and then I made coleslaw. I mixed a little bit of the above mentioned fat free mayo with some apple cider vinegar and some walden farms pancake syrup. I mixed it into a bag of angel hair shredded cabbage. The results were very good. Vern even ate it.
I also had a sliced, Pink Lady apple dipped in a sauce I made by mixing 1/4 cup of plain, fat free yogurt with some sweetener and a ton of cinnamon. This was a very yummy and satisfying lunch! I had iced wild berry zinger tea to drink.

Dinner was a pizza I made using a "Flatout" flatbread wrap, topped with 1/4cup of canned spaghetti sauce, a sliced Hebrew National 98% fat free hot dog, and 2 reduced fat mozzerella cheese sticks. It was sooo good! Does THAT look like diet food!?

My snacks were a bowl of cereal, puffed kamut, fiber one and a banana, with skim milk....and some popcorn.

And that was my weekend!

Monday Morning Weigh In....
I sneaked on the scale Saturday morning and was delighted to see 198.6. It's up from that this morning but I'm fine with it. I ate some salty foods, including popcorn, last night and I'm puffy....but I know I am going in the right direction so it's all good. I have decided to include photos of the scale for my weigh that include the numbers. This means weighing myself while holding my big, clunky, HEAVY camera!...LOL. But for the sake of good blog photos I am going to sacrifice that .4 pound! After the first week it won't really make a difference at all anymore...right?

That's a loss of 1.8 pounds for the week!!


2BIG said...

LOL your security word is wickedW how appropriate for all the wickedly not dietlooking foods you had last week and still got healthier and smaller.

congrates on still shrinking your body as you search for the right eating plan for your addiction.

Grace said...

Love the socks. Love the photos too... you are good with the lens. Congrats on onederland...

Did I tell you I love seeing your menus? Gives me inspiration... TY

Carla said...

I think I posted this on the wrong place before. I forgot my ID and was looking back. Opps.


Your grand daughter is a doll!!!

I'm jealous of your flowers, your socks and your scale.

You rock, girl!

Vickie said...

2big!!! I'm so happy to see you here! Thanks so much for coming here to my blog. You're such a good friend to me to follow me from place to place as I figure out where I want to journal this journey! I truly am excited that you're here!

Vickie said...

Grace...thanks so much. I'm not officially in onederland yet...but almost! I was there on Saturday but not this morning.No worries though. I am more and more confidant that I'll get there! I'm glad that you enjoy my menus. I am having so much fun posting them...and it keeps me accountable, knowing that I'm going to report it here!

Vickie said...

Carla...thanks..I think Autumn is just stinkin cute!...but I realize I am quite partial..LOL! The flowers are my sister's flowers! She is having such fun gardening and making my parents' yard a beautiful place. If you would have seen it before she re-did it, you wouldn't believe it! It was a mess! She's done a wonderful job with it.

The socks and the scale are both from favorite store!

Carla said...

Silly Vicky! It's not the actual scale that I love - it is what it says that I love! My scale doesn't go that low..... yet......

Vickie said...

Oh funny! You will get there. I know you will and probably sooner than you think!