Monday, March 9, 2009

It's weekly weigh in day. Actually, it's my NEW weekly weigh in day. My original weigh in day was Saturday. But that was before the scale incident that caused me to go out and purchase my own scale and start over again with a new scale, a new start weight, and a new start day. So now TODAY is my first weekly weigh in since I made the switch.

I'm waiting...waiting for what? Waiting for Vern to not be in the same room as the scale. Waiting for courage to face the silly thing. How crazy is it to be afraid of a scale!? And, for that matter, how crazy is it for me to be willing to put my weight struggles here on the internet for anyone to see but to be completely unwilling to weigh myself with Vern in the same room?

So, for now, I am drinking coffee and waiting...waiting to face the scale...have I mentioned that I have ISSUES?...LOL

Ok...I did it...LOL. I tried to get a picture that showed the number on the scale but I couldn't do it fast enough before the number went away. Of course I could have gotten Vern to help me but then he would have to be in the same room when I face the scale and I'm not ready for that! So anyway...the number on the scale was 202.8....down .4lb from 203.2 last week. I realize it's a miniscule drop but consdiering that I have eaten pizza and calzone this week, I think it's a pretty good weigh in...and I am very happy that it's .4lb DOWN and not up!

My goal for the coming weeks is to learn to stay REALLY on track when I am out and about with Vern.


Grace said...

WTG... a loss is a loss. And I'm so envying you with the pizza and 'zone... I can't have those... I go crazy and would just balloon up. I'm loving that scale... love things wood.. buy one for me and ship it to Happy Monday!

Deborah said...

Morning Miss Vickie. WTG on facing your scale demon. I am back up to 173 myself even though I got down to 170.5 with my teenagers being bad last week lol. I did get my period yesterday so at least that explains why I was overly tramatized and crying last week and why by this weekend it is barely bothering me anymore lol. It is only natural for you to want to enjoy your weekend time with Vern and that includes eating out. I face the same dilema every weekend with mike and if I dont allow myself to indulge it just excalates into something worse. Much easier to just be good all week and exercise a little more to compensate for a few extra meals on the weekend. Keep it up youre doing great even though the scale is showing small changes you are making big permanent changes with your life!!!
Love Ya

Kat said...

Nice [pics! You're still missing the blog link.

Vickie said...

Thanks Grace! this will give you a chuckle....the scale is only the glass part in the picture. I don't have anyplace in my house that doesn't have thickish carpet where I can keep the scale. So the wood you see in the photo is an old cutting board I have that I dug out and put to use as a hard surface for the scale to sit it's really not a cool looking wooden base on the scale!...LOL

Vickie said...

Debbie...I love that you read my blog! Thanks so much for being such an encouragement to me!!

Vickie said...

Hi Kat!! It's great to see you. I'm not sure I know what blog link you're talking about?

Grace said...

Ha... now I see it... Okay.. send me a glass scale and a used cutting board...K?