Monday, March 23, 2009

It's Monday again...

It's Monday. The living room is put back together. The old TV has been delivered to Vern's Mom. The young guy who answered the ad on Craigslist has picked up the old wall unit and bookshelf that we gave away. And finally, the living room is back together. It was a lot of work. Our "decorating style" is a theme I call "Early Thrift Shop." Nothing matches or goes together and the challenge is to put it all together in a way that feels right. the day will come when we will finally buy furniture that matches...but it's not today. So anyway, it's all back together and I am comfortable with the way it looks...more importantly, I am comfortable with the way it FEELS. It feels good. It feels like home. And...Vern and I didn't have one single argument about any of it! Nice!

The cats are settling back in and finding their places. They are both super jumpy and skittish, but they are getting used to it. The lighter grey cat is Agnes. She's Vern's baby. The dark one is Cloe and she is my lil sweetheart. Vern and I love these cats like they're our children! Oh my...we are turning into one of "those" old couples who have pets as children!

Here are a few shots of our downstairs area after it was all back together. We will be hanging more photos on the wall in the coming weeks. We need to get some recent ones printed and framed and up on the wall. We moved in to our condo two and a half years ago and I am embarrassed to admit that we just opened the box of framed family pics YESTERDAY! Oh my goodness...we are so...well, I don't know what we are...LOL.

I love having this space behind the couch for Autumn's kitchen and toys. I think now that she's a grown up, four year old, she will also like having a place that's hers.

We are going to be replacing the big, ugly, white cabinet very soon with one from Ikea that matches the blonde color of the other shelves. I think that will improve the overall look for just a little bit of money. on to yesterday's food choices. We skipped breakfast as we were just cleaning and organizing and time got away from us. I had a couple of cups of coffee in the morning and then had this at lunchtime. It was a bowl of shredded lettuce, topped with one cup of Hormel Vegetarian Chili, a sliced Hebrew National 97% Fat Free hot dog (these are so good for 45 calories!), and a slice of fat free cheese. Desert was a bowl of mixed fruit, blueberries, cantaloupe, and a half a banana. i sprinkled a bit of sugar free, fat free vanilla pudding mix over it. This was a great, satisfying lunch for 7.5 points.

Dinner was two soft tacos I made with leftovers from other meals. I diced a chicken breast that I had grilled earlier in the week and heated it up with half of a cup of the leftover chili. I folded it into two LaTortilla Factory tortillas along with shredded lettuce, onion and fat free cheese slices. This was so good and filling! This didn't even hint at being "diet food!...and only 7 points!

After dinner while we were watching Extreme Makeover, Home Edition, I had some sugar free, fat free chocolate pudding. the mix was made by Jello and it was very good. Vern was eating girl scout cookies he had bought earlier in the day and I wanted something sweet and crunchy. Honestly, I took a bite of one of the cookies but it was disgusting! So I added a half a frozen banana, and a half cup of Fiber One to my pudding and it was scrumptious! I will definitely be having this again! 4.5 points.

I feel like I ate really good, satisfying foods yesterday and I was under on my points target. I know WW doesn't recommend being under on points but I think that some days are just going to be under and some are going to be a little over. The total for Sunday was 19 points. My target is 24. But, I was full and satisfied all day and I am not going to be governed more by a set of numbers than by my body's need for fuel.

And...I saved the best for last! This morning was my weigh in and ... drum roll please...I am in onederland!!!! This represents a loss of 2.6 pounds for this past week! I am so glad that i finally decided to give up stupid, fad diets and learn to eat healthy for life using the Weight Watchers Points System!!!


Deborah said...


I totally agree with you about diets. They suck and ever since I stopped screwing around and just eating correct portions of the foods I love I have never been happier. I am not as disciplined as you and could never count all those points. I just go with my two small meals one big meal theme and mentally keep the calories around 1200 during the week and allow a reasonable splurge on the weekends. Healthy meals when I can.....damage control when I cant lmao. I love reading your menus and I get great ideas from them all the time. We are finally doing it sister!!! Love Ya Lots

Grace said...

Welcome to onederland Vickie!! I'm glad you are here.

I love IKEA... I need to get back there some day soon.

C.G. the Foodie said...

Congrats on the loss!!!!

Cute cats and a delish lunch! Great pics!