Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Today I am feeling much better than yesterday. I've been on the antibiotic for almost 24 hours so the pain and burning is subsiding. When I called my health care provider they said I had to be seen rather than them just calling in a prescription. Normally they just call it in....but I was fine with having to go in because this one hurt more than usual. So I made the appointment. The call screen gal announced Dr. So & So can see you at 11:15 this morning. My response was, "Who is Dr. So & So?" The answer, "She's your primary care physician." Ummmm, no...she's not. Dr. What's His Name is my primary. "Oh yeah, well his load was kind of heavy so we switched you." Ok...this is not really a huge deal but I LIKED Dr What's His Name. He's been my primary for a long time. I am comfortable with Dr What's His Name. So Dr So & So is my priamry. She's very sweet and appears to be all of 25 years old. {{Sigh}} Oh well.

So anyway, I take off work and go to the doctor. It was, all in all, not a terribly unpleasant experience, which is a surprise in itself, because I have Kaiser....and they can be such a frustrating HMO! I'm getting to the point of all of this...really, I am!

So I see the doctor and she very sweetly tells me that it appears I have a bladder infection. I smile and say ok...inside I am thinking "Duh!!!" So she types in my prescription on the computer in the exam room and shoots it off to the pharmacy. I love technology! Then she proceeds to tell me that I need to have a mamogram, a colonoscopy, a slew of different blood tests and a stool study. I raise an eybrow at her. I am here for a simple bladder infection! But I assure her that if it makes her feel better to order all that stuff she can go ahead and order away! She stops and says, "You're not going to have any of this done are you?" I assure her that I am not but I understand her need to order it all. So she ordered a bunch of tests that I have no intention of getting done. We exchange pleasantries and "nice to meet yous" and off I go to the pharmacy.

So, I am sitting in the pharmacy, waitng for my prescription to be filled. Apparently this zippy fast technology is not intended to save the PATIENT any time...only the health care provider. I still have to go and get in the long line at the pharmacy to check in so that they can fill the prescription that was zipped over to them via cyberspace 15 minutes ago. So, I am waiting the obilgatory 20 minutes for the prescription. I wonder to myself why it's always 20 minutes. No matter how many people are in the phamacy it's a 20 minute wait. There can be standing room only in the waiting room and it's 20 minutes. Or, there can be not another soul around and it's still 20 minutes. I wonder about things like that. So anyway, I'm sitting there waiting and I look at my discharge summary. It's something to read and fiddle with while I wait. And I notice my discharge diagnosis. Along with cystitis (bladder infection) and the need to screen for their favorite diagnosis includes obesity. Now don't get me wrong...I am well aware of the fact that I am obese. Or maybe I'm not and that's why it bugged me that it was included in my diagnosis. But, I was there for a bladder infection. I wasn't there for a physical or a cancer screening or any of the other bloodwork they are itching to do....and I certainly wasn't there to talk about my weight. I get it...I really do...but my weight has absolutely nothing to do with me having a bladder infection. I know what caused this particular infection and, trust me...obesity had nothing to do with it! Just ask my darling husband....obesity was not the cause of this particular malady!

OK...rant over .....have I mentioned that I hate going to the doctor? LOL I'm not going back there anytime oon...that's for sure.

The upside to it is that I left there with a new determination to NOT have that word appear on my paperwork ever again!!!

Now, on to my menu for yesterday...

Breakfast was 2 cups of coffee with sugar free hazelnut creamer...and a huge glass of water.

Lunch was a turkey sandwich, carrots and Pringles Light chips. 4.5 points

Dinner was a quick, on the go thing because I had to leave for bible study. So I had a bowl of Progresso Light Italian Soup, to which I added three ounces of chicken breast meat and a cup or so of shredded lettuce. I had steamed asparagus on the side. A very satisfying dinner! 4 points

I had a snack of yogurt, fiber one, and puffed kamut. 3 points

I didn't get a photo of this but I also had a light english muffin with peanut butter and smart balance light buttery spread. This was a whopping 8.5 points and I really thought I was splurging or "cheating." So imagine my surprise when I totaled up my points for the day and was right on track at 21 points! I even was under my target by 2 points!

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Grace said...

Hate that word... you know.. the "O" word. But I'm glad you have the determination to make it not be on the paperwork again. What the??? How dare that 25yrold doc presume these things and put on diagnosis. WRONG.

Well, I do love your pixs of the food... I bet that sandwich was yummo!