Sunday, March 29, 2009

Springtime Saturday continued....

Here are a few more signs of Spring from my parents' back yard. I love Spring!!!

I had to laugh at my sweet little Autumn...all decked out in her girly girl, pink Padres jersey, pink bow in her hair, beaded "Lelli Kelly" shoes...and carrying an old dried out snail around the yard like it was the best treasure in the world! Oh my goodness, I love this child!'s yesterday's menu.

I started my day with an apple, yogurt with lots of cinnamon and sweetened with stevia, and a half a cup of Fiber One. I also took a plethora of stuff to kick this bladder infection. I'm taking 2 antibiotics and some garlic and alfalfa. It finally seems to be doing the trick! Along with my morning coffee with sugar free hazelnut creamer, my morning was 4 points

I was hanging out at my parents' for a few hours and snacked on a serving of some kind of pretzel crackers. 2 points

Lunch was late in the afternoon and was really almost dinner. I had a bowl of Progresso Light Italian vegetable soup and a cheese (fat free) sandwich. My sandwich was made with Sarah Lee light bread, two slices of fat free cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion, mustard and Smart Balance fat free mayo. I also had a diet 7-up. This is a large, satisfying meal for 4 points.

Later in the evening I had a big bowl of Puffed kamut with sliced strawberries, blueberries and sliced banana, topped with fat free milk. The fruit in this bowl was frozen so everything was sort of slushy and frozen. it was an interesting texture for cereal. 7 points

I also had a serving of light pringles chips and Fiber One bar at different times during the day.

Total points for the day 20
Target points 23
Points remaining 3

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Anonymous said...

Um, can I just say I am so JEALOUS of your weather??!!

Good eats today too! Way to stay OP!