Saturday, March 28, 2009's my 100th post!

I can't believe it's my 100th post already! Whoo!!! Hooo!!! Let the party begin!

This week has been tough. I haven't felt well and I've been out of sorts and crabby. It's taken a lot of energy for me to avoid being a complete shrew to the people around me. I've been thinking about that a lot over the past 24 hours. Especially since I'm doing the study on. "Calm My Anxious Heart," which is a study on learning to be content in EVERY situation.

I have a 3 by 5 card on my desk that has the passage of scripture I am aspiring to live out

I have to confess, I have NOT been a living example of that passage this past week. Oh, I've tried to be nice enough to those around me...but secretly in my heart, I have felt justified in being crabby and feeling irritated with everyone around me. Notice that it says, "I have learned the secret of being content in EVERY situation." I was sitting in the pharmacy at Kaiser last night after work and I was outwardly being nice enough to the clerks. But inside I was seething. My prescription had been called in the day before and no one had bothered to call me back. The prescription wasn't ready although it had been called in 24 hours earlier. It was supposed to be a 20 minute wait and it was over an hour because someone had forgotten to push the button to put my name on the screen that tells you your prescription is ready for you to go in stand in another long line to pick it up. When I finally got to the clerk to find out why it was not ready yet, it was ready....but it was wrong and had to be re-done. Oh yes...I felt completely justified in being pretty angry about it all!

And then I had a mental image of that card, with the passage of scripture on it just pop into my brain. All at once I realized that I was acting like a spoiled child. Rather than being grateful that I have access to medical care for any minor ailment I might have, I was seething at the inefficiency of the system. Rather than believing that God is the "blessed controller of every circumstance" and accepting that He was giving me opprtunity to walk out what I have been trying to learn...I was just angry. It brought me up short, let me tell you!

I began to think again about all the blogs I read about people who have devastating things to deal with. I was reminded of this one in particular. Abby is a four year old child who is dealing with a life threatening cancer and she has a better attitude about it all than I have about a simple bladder infection.

Then there's my sweet friend Amy's blog. Amy has so much on her plate to deal with and yet she manages to keep a good attitude.

I could go on and on about the people I know only through their blogs who have devastating circumstances to deal with and yet they keep a good attitude.

So, let me just say, I have had an attitude adjustment. Today is a new day. I still don't feel well. My body is still not responding to the antibiotics as quickly as I would like. I am secretly worried that there might be some other issue going on that's making this bladder infection so much worse than I have had before. But, I am determined to be content in this situation. Today is a new day and it is the day that the Lord has made and I will rejoice and be glad in it.

So...Here's what I ate yesterday.
Breakfast was an apple, some yogurt and some Fiber One cereal. My coffee with sugar free hazelnut creamer earlier in the morning rounded this out at 3 points.

Lunch was a wrap made with a Flat Out wrap, some tuna salad, fat free cheese slices and shredded lettuce. I had sliced tomato and cantaloupe on the side. 7 points

Dinner was delayed by my long visit to the pharmacy so i kept it simple. I had some Hormel Vegetarian Chili over shredded lettuce and a quesadilla made with fat free cheese and a LaTortilla Factory Low Fat Low Carb tortilla. These tortillas are really, really good. 7.5 points.

I had a snack of yogurt, a sliced banana and some puffed kamut. 4.5 points.

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Marisa (Trim The Fat) said...

Happy 100th!!!!

Despite not feeling well, you are doing great with your eats!!!