Thursday, March 12, 2009

Here's a couple of photos from my walk yesterday. I love the photo of the walk sign! I don't know why I love it...I just do. One of my secret ambitions is to one day own a really good camera and take some classes and become a photographer. I love taking photos. One day I will have a good camera and sign up for some classes! In the meantime I'll just continue to take photos of things that look cool to me.

I'm having fun taking photos of my meals but it's awfully time consuming to label each one. So I'm going to try just putting the photos here and adding my menu under the series of photos and seeing how that works out for me. I am still planning to continue my story of my climb out of the deception of the "prosperity church." I just have to have the time to do it! So, for today, here's what I ate yesterday. My dinner looks like a boatload of food in the photo but it really wasn't as much food as it looked like on the plate. I made my first attempt at onion rings using Fiber One Cereal for breading and baking them in the oven. They weren't very pretty but, oh my goodness, they were really good! Vern loved them too. One of the things that I am really enjoying with Weight Watchers is that I can fix slimmed down versions of our favorite foods and Vern, as picky as he is, LIKES THEM!!! We can eat the same dinner!! This is huge to me because for so long, in my attempts at different diet plans I have had to basically fix two different meals. More and more I am learning to adapt things we both like, slim them down, and allow us to BOTH eat healthier foods. This is GOOD!!

POINTS® Tracker entries

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

1/2 medium apple(s) 0.5
1/2 serving(s) Oats, Bob's Red Mill, uncooked 1/2 cup 1.5
1/2 cup(s) Fiber One 0
1/2 serving(s) Yogurt fat free plain 1 cup 1
2 tbsp Sugar free Coffee Mate hazelnut 1
2 cups coffee - Quick-added food 0
Subtotal 4

2 cup(s) lettuce 0
2 serving(s) Cheese Slice fat free 1
1 serving(s) costco fat free ham 2oz 2
1/4 cup(s) carrot(s) 0
1/3 cup(s) sugar snap peas 0
1/2 medium apple(s) 0.5
salad spritzer - Quick-added food 0
1 serving(s) Butternut Squash Soup 1 cup 1
Subtotal 4.5

4 oz cooked tilapia 2.5
3 oz cooked shrimp 2
1 large potato, red, white 3
1 cup(s) cooked onions 1
Subtotal 8.5

1 serving(s) Pina Colada Twists 3 pieces 2
(these were those candy twists, similar to "Red Vines")
Subtotal 2

Food POINTS values total used 19
Food POINTS values remaining 5
30 min walking, leisure 1
Activity POINTS values earned 1
Weekly Points Used: 0
Weekly Points Remaining: 35


Grace said...

When I see you... I want you to make me this dinner... looks Yummo!

You take great pixs now... you will be smoking when you have that better camera.. :)

Marisa (Trim The Fat) said...

Love your flower photo! I want spring!!!!!

Great eats today!

Vickie said...

Grace...come on over and we'll have dinner! Thanks for the compliments about my pix! I want a new camera REALLY bad!...LOL

Marisa...thanks so much for visiting my blog! I love spring!!