Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I thought I'd start out this morning with this. This is me in all my morning glory, puffy face, no make-up except for the remnants of yesterday's, not enough coffee in me to be fully awake yet...and a cat on my shoulder. Recently Agnes (the cat) has taken to sitting on my shoulder in the mornings.
So bear with me as I learn to type with a cat on my shoulder.

My breakfast yesterday was pumpkin oatmeal. This is really, really good stuff!! 1/2 cup oats, 1/2 cup pumpkin, and a tbs of Smart Balance light buttery spread. Add in the points for my 2 cups of coffee with sugar free hazelnut creamer and it's 5 points for the morning.

Lunch was a Mexican Chicken wrap. I used 3 ounces of ground chicken breast meat that I had precooked with taco seasonings and then froze in individual servings. I heated up the chicken and wrapped it in a flatbread wrap along with 2 slices of fat free cheese, a couple of lettuce leaves and some salsa. I had raw asparagus on the side, drizzled with Walden Farms Blue cheese dressing. This was a super yummy, light lunch on a busy, busy workday! 4.5 points

Dinner was interesting. I started out with some grilled fish fillets and roasted potato and veggies. However...the fish was bad. It wasn't bad in that it was smelly or rotten. It was mushy and disgusting. I bought flounder this time because it was cheaper than tilapia. I don't know if flounder is always mushy but I suspect it isn't suposed to be as mushy as this fish was. I tasted a tiny bite when I realized something was wrong and it was the texture of mashed potatoes...OMG!!!...gross!!! I spit it into the sink and thre it all in the trash! The memory of the texture in my mouth makes me shudder and almost gag even this morning! You can bet that I won't be buying that again! I didn't think to take a photo of my fish being thrown in the I wish I would have!

So plan B for dinner was a ground turkey burger patty on Sarah Lee Light bread. This bread is really quite good for 45 calories a slice! I also had fat free cheese, lettuce, onion, ketchup and mustard of my "burger." I still had the roasted veggies and potato on the side. The timing of everything was off and the veggies were soggy and the potatoes rubbery by the time the meal came together...but it was not too bad overall. The burger was yummy! Dinner was 8.5 points.

My evening snack was plain yogurt, sweetened with stevia and flavored with vanilla extract, topped with thawed frozen strawberries and a banana. This makes a huge bowl full of yumminess for 5.5 points!

I have to say....quite often I feel as though I am somehow "cheating" to be eating like this. It makes me feel almost guilty to be enjoying all this delicious food. I am finding that I am having to simply force myself to trust the plan. It's hard to explain. I have "issues"...LOL.

target points 24
points used 23.5
points remaining .5
Activity points earned 2
weekly points remaing 35

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Carla said...

What a beautiful cat.

Your food looks really good. You should package it and sell it to me. You know how I'm always needing your help!