Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I can't believe that just happened!!!

Oh well, live and learn. I just typed a very long post and when I clicked on the publish button it signed me out and lost my post, even though I had saved it! Argghhh!!! I guess I will be typing my posts in office from now on and copying them to blogger so they aren't just lost when that happens. I don't have time to go back and type it all again so here's my menu from yesterday...

POINTS® Tracker entries

Monday, March 02, 2009

1/2 serving(s) Oats, Bob's Red Mill, uncooked 1/2 cup 1.5
1 medium banana(s) 1.5
1 serving(s) Yoplait Light Yogurt 2
Subtotal 5

1 cup(s) mixed greens 0
1 serving(s) Cheese Slice fat free 1
3 oz cooked chicken fillet 2.5
1 serving(s) FlatOut Flat Bread 1 slice 1
Subtotal 4.5

1/2 cup(s) canned black beans 1
2 cup(s) lettuce 0
3 oz cooked chicken fillet 2.5
1/4 cup(s) onion(s) 0
1 serving(s) Cheese Slice fat free 1
1/4 cup(s) salsa 0
Subtotal 4.5

2 cup(s) unsweetened frozen blueberries 2.5
1/2 cup(s) fat-free cottage cheese 1.5
1 medium banana(s) 1.5
1 cup(s) fat-free skim milk 2
3 cup(s) plain air-popped popcorn 1
1 tbsp olive oil 3.5
Subtotal 12

Food POINTS values total used 26
Food POINTS values remaining 0
Weekly points used 2
weekly points remaining 33
No entries for activity.
Activity POINTS values earned 0


Grace said...

Okay... I really need to know... what did you use the olive oil for? the blueberries? LOL

I started doing posts in Word and c&p into blogger... I HATE having to retype things.

Have a blessed day!

Vickie said...

LOL...I guess that would be curious, huh? I used the olive oil, probably not really a tbs but I counted it as one just to be safe, on my popcorn. I keep it in a spray bottle and I sprayed it on my popcorn. I did this for two reasons. First of all I love the taste of popcorn with olive oil on it. Second, all the fiber I've been eating is sort of doing a number on my digestive system. I used the olive oil to sort of get things moving again..TMI...I know. Anyhow, it worked. I got a great snack and things are much more pleasant in my tummy this morning...LOL

Carla said...

Vicky darling! I LOVE LOVE your photos. You are really beautiful! And you also look so young (like 30). And what is with those cute tiny feet? I peeked back at some of your other postings and wasn't surprised when I saw that you still have curves. My measurements are the same for chest, waist and butt. You are doing really well!! I don't know where you came from but I'd trade bodies in a New York minute with you. Keep up the effort!

Vickie said...

Carla...your comment made my day! Thanks so much for all the kind words. You have no idea what an encouragement you've been to me today!

Carla said...

I'm jealous of your flowers, your socks and your scale.

You rock, girl!