Thursday, March 19, 2009

I've only the time for a quickie post of my menu this morning. So here it is...

Breakfast was a half a cup of plain yogurt, sweetened with stevia and with a lot of cinnamon mixed in. To the yogurt I added a diced apple and a half a cup of Fiber One cereal. Adding in my two cups of coffee with sugar free hazelnut creamer that I had earlier in the morning, I used 3 points.

Lunch was a big bowl of Progresso Light Italian soup (2 servings) and two slices of cheese toast. This was Sarah Lee light bread and Fat Free cheddar cheese slices. 3.5 points

Dinner was on the fly as we had a home group meeting to go to. So, I had two Hebrew National 97% Fat Free hot dogs and 2 slices of Fat free cheese wrapped in two LaTortilla Factory, low carb tortillas. This was a great, easy, hold it in your hands dinner! (notice I took a bite of one of the hot dog wraps before I took the photo!)

I also had a Bluebery "shake" with my dinner. One cup fat free milk and a half a cup of frozen blueberries blended together. I Loved this meal! 7.5 points.

Of course, I do love my evening snack so when we got home from small group I had a bowl of puffed kamut, Fiber One, and a sliced banana, with fat free milk. 6 points

Target points 24
Points used 20
remaining points 4

Activity points earned today 1
Activity points earned for the week 3
activity points used 0
Weekly points used 0
weekly points remaining 35

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