Sunday, March 8, 2009

Skipping Church...

Vern and I are usually faithful church-goers as we really enjoy the fellowship and teaching at our church. But this morning as I slid back in bed for a little snuggly time vern asked me,.."So, you wanna play hooky today?" Ummm...sure! It was a beautiful southern california day and we enjoyed it so much!

First I had a healthy breakfast of Fiber One cereal with blueberries, bananas, and skim milk...

Then off we went to seize the day! We went down to Ocean Beach and walked on the pier. The weather was PERFECT!

After we walked out to the end of the pier and back we decided to go over to Seaport Village and grab some food and then walk along Harbor Drive. We went to our favorite little Italian place. The spinach & cheese calzone I ordered for lunch was most definitely NOT low fat, high fiber, or any other diet conscious thing! I did, however have lots of leftover weekly and activity points to spend and I only ate a little over half of it.
Afterward, I told Vern that I should have immediately put half of it in a "to-go" box when I got it. Half of it would have been more than enough but because it was still on my plate I picked at the second half. That's a Diet Pepsi in that cup.

After lunch we walked some more.

Here's some of the art we saw along Harbor Drive..

This was COOL! It was a giant kaleidoscope! How fun is THAT!?

I wore my pedometer which keeps track of the time I spend actually walking and I was able to log over two hours of "walking, leisurely" on my activity tracker for an extra 6 points! It was a fun day.

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