Tuesday, April 13, 2010

April 12...

Early Morning;
Coffee/Coffeemate/Stevia 1pt

Apparently I didn't take a photo of my cereal although I could swear that I did...weird)

1 cup Puffed Wheat 1pt
1/2 cup Fiber One 0pt
1 Banana 2pt
1 cup Almond Breeze 1pt
Morning total 5 points

Sandwich made with;
6 Slices Oscar Mayer Shaved Turkey Breast 1pt
1 slice FF Cheese 1pt
1 Multigrain Sandwich Thin 1pt

Coleslaw made with;
1 cup Broccoli Slaw 0pt
1 Mandarin Orange, segmented 1pt
1 tsp Mayonnaise 1 pt
Balsamic Vinegar
1 large Diet Sonic Cherry Limeade .5pt
Total 5.5 points

I have to note that I had sort of a mini-meltdown over dinner. I went with my sister to a sandwich shop. They have their nutritional values printed on their "to go" menu. As I stood in line studying the menu I was overwhelmed with the choices. I had to let my sister and her son order their food and then sit down and really plan what to order. At first glance it looked like everything had a bazillion calories and I was almost panicked at what to order. I almost made the decision to let them eat and I would grab something elsewhere. But then, I once again was reminded by the little voice in my head (the good one, not the accusing one) that if this is a LIFESTYLE and not a DIET then I could eat from that menu. I calmed down and ordered this...

A cup of Vegetarian vegetable soup and a half portion of Cobb Salad. I didn't eat the apple on the tray. It simply came withthe meal. I got a Diet Pepsi which I also didn't drink because I don't really like Diet Pepsi...LOL..I should have just gotten water. So anyway, according to the menu this meal came to
8 points

Note...I was blown away to see that the salad had 18 gms of fat! How on earth to you pack 18 gms of fat into HALF a salad!? Next time I'll do dressing on the side!

When I got home I had a cup of Fage Total 0 yogurt,
mixed with cinnamin and Stevia 2pts
and a sliced Apple for dipping 2pts

I also had a snack of Trader Joe's Corn Puffs...these things are awesome! (also no photo)
It's a large serving, 2 1/2 cups for 3 pts.

Total Daily Points 26.5
Target 27

So I am realizing that along with losing weight, learning to eat in the real world without requiring that my food choices fall in between a rigid standard, is part of the process of being set free from the bondage of dieting.

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Karla said...

That Fage combination sounds so good!! going to try it today :)