Sunday, April 25, 2010

Saturday April 24....

Saturday was my birthday. I had a fun day visiting family and "shopping" for the improvements we want to make to our condo. We didn't actually buy anything. We just shopped for the things we want to do and figured out how much $$$ it's going to take. I was happily surprised to find out that I really have almost enough to do the flooring! So the plan is to start with a fresh coat of paint next weekend and go from there. I am excited!

Breakfast was a quick grab and eat on the way out the door.
1 Apple 2 pt
1 Fiber One Bar 2 pt
Coffee with Coffeemate 3 pt (these were throughout the day)
Total 5 points

Lunch was in the Ikea Cafeteria. Swedish Meatballs were $1.00!!! I knew that I would be sooo tempted to eat all 10 meatballs and the entire serving of mashed potatoes, so I opted instead for a:

Buffalo Chicken Wrap 5 pt
Fruit Bowl 1.5 pt
Diet Pepsi (I really should have just had water. I'm not a big fan of Diet Pepsi so I just had a few sips)

Dinner was late and I was really hungry! So I made this quick "pizza." It was really good. I'll be making this again!

The crust was a LaTortilla Factory 100 calorie burrito size tortilla
I stuck it under the broiler and kept turning it, until it was hard and crisp.
Then I topped it with
marinara sauce from a jar
Sauteed mushrooms and spinach
Canadian Bacon
Reduced fat mozzarella
and a sprinkling of parmesean from a can.
Total 6 points


I had a serving of these little goodies.
These are a really good snack when you want something sweet and crunchy!
1.5 pt

In honor of my birthday, my sister brought these home.
This is the picture of the beautiful sundae, on the box.

This is the reality...HaHaHa!
But, ugly as it was, it was really, really rich and creamy and the perfect way to end a lovely day!
3 points

Total Daily Points 24
Target 26
Activity points earned 2

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