Friday, April 9, 2010

Friday April 9...

Early Morning:
1 cup coffee with 2 Tbs Coffeemate Liquid 1pt

Breakfast Sandwich made with
1 Thomas' Bagel Thin 1pt
1/4 cup Fat Free egg Substitute 1pt
1 Slice fat Free Cheese 1pt
3 Slices Oscar Mayer 98% Fat Free Shaved Ham .5pt
1 Med/Large Banana 2pt
Total 6.5

I like this breakfast. It's easy to make and it's tasty and satisfying.

6 Slices Oscar Mayer Shaved Turkey 1pt
1 cup Pre-Packaged Broccoli Slaw 0pt
6 Grape Tomatoes 0pt
1 tbs Bleau Cheese Crumbles 2 pts
1 Tsp Mayonnaise 1pt
Balsamic Vinegar
1 Multigrain Sandwich Thin 1pt
1 Tbs Smart Balance Heart Right Buttery Spread 1pt
Sonic Diet Cherry Limeade .5
6.5 Total

4oz Boneless, Skinless Chicken Breast 3.5pt
1/2 cup Brown Rice 3
2/3 cup Green Beans
1/2 cup Italian Style stewed Tomatoes .5
3 Tbs Feta Cheese 2
9 points total


1/2 Cup Golden Spoon Peanut Butter Flavored frozen Yogurt 3pt

14 Mini Rice cakes, Caramel Flavor 2.5pt

total 5.5

Total Points used 27.5
Target 27
Weekly points used .5
Weekly Points Remaining 34.5

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