Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Tuesday April 6...

I am so tired! I started my day at 4:30am and it's now almost 10pm..and I am feelin it! So this is going to be just the food log for the day.

Once again, as it always does, my day began with a big cup of yummy coffee with coffeemate and stevia. Subsequent cup was black.
1 point
Breakfast was 1/4 cup of oats cooked with 1/2 cup of fiber one cereal, a diced apple, cinnamin and water. Topped with Smart Balance Heart Right Light Spread
4.5 points

Lunch was a shaved ham sandwich (98% fat free) on a bagel thin with a slice of fat free cheese, lettuce and mustard. Sliced cucumber and grape tomatoes, and a bowl of Progresso 1 point beef sirloin soup made up the side dishes.
4 points

After work i took my sister to get her car and stoped into the neighborhood "Fresh and Easy" grocery store and picked up a box of this stuff..

I had the meat from one roasted chicken thigh, 1/3 cup brown rice topped with the Kashmir Spinach dish which was very green but really quite tasty. I would eat it again. I also had a green salad with cucmber, tomato, red, yellow, and orange peppers, and 2 tbs Feta Cheese. I used balsamic vinegar for dressing.
10.5 points

I also had a bowl of fruit...half of a medium banana, several fresh strawberries, a mandarin orange and a dollop of FF yogurt.
3 points

Here's anoth lil treat I found at "Fresh and Easy".

2 servings of the caramel flavor (14 crisps) used up 2.5 of the 3 points I was left with. These were really delicious!

Total points used 26.5
Target points 27

I thought of a positive thing for todat but I have forgotten what it was...Hmmm maybe I'll remember later but right now it's off to bed for me

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Deborah said...

Miss Vickie,
Oh how I have missed your spectacular food journal. I believe if you ever try and stop blogging again I will nag you daily until you surrender. You are so good at this point counting thingy you put me to shame. I love seeing your product endorsements as well!!!! I look forward to seeing your progress as you make this way of eating a habit.
Have a Great Day!!
Love Debbie