Monday, April 26, 2010

Sunday April 25....

Sunday April 25...

I had a busy day in store so I wanted to start with a hearty breakfast.

I had an omelet (egg substitute) with mushrooms, onions, tomatoes, and reduced fat cheese. This started out bigger but it looked so big that I ended up cutting it in half. 2.5 pts
Hash Browns (1 cup frozen, shredded potaotes) .5 pt
Strawberries and Mandarin orange segments 1 pt
Coffee with Coffeemate 1 pt
Total 5 points

Lunch was a quick "grab, eat and run" as I had a class at church in the afternoon.
Leftover Turkey Pot Pie 5 pts
Apple slices and Cinnamin Yogurt 3 pt
Total 8 points

Dinner was late and at the end of a very long day.
I made bean soup. This is almost ridiculously simple but oh-so-yummy!

1 can fat free chicken broth
1 can fat free refried beans
1 can black beans
That's it! The whole pan is 13 points
I ate half, over shredded lettuce for 6.5 pts

Quesdilla made with 100 LaTortilla Factory 100 cal tortilla
1/3 cup reduced fat Mexican blend cheese. 3 pts
Total 9.5 points

After Dinner
2 scoops Golden Spoon Fat Free Frozen yogurt 3 pt

Total daily points 25.5
Target 26
Activity Points Earned (I didn't wear my pedometer so I have no idea)
Weekly Points Remaining 35
Activity points Remaining 2

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