Monday, April 5, 2010

Sunday April 4 menu...

I didn't have a lot of success in counting my points yesterday. I spent the day with my family and I havent told anyone that I'm doing Weight Watchers again. Well, Vern knows and my sister , Tammy, knows...but not the rest of my extended family. I just don't want to have "that" discussion....everyone has an opinion and an answer....just not ready to go there...LOL.

So anyway, I feel like I did well yesterday. I had a big, healthy breakfast to stave off hunger and cravings and to help me maintain control.

This was a wonderful meal for 6 points! An eggwhite (egg substitute), vegetabe omelt with low fat cheese and mixed fruit.

While we were waiting for the Easter meal at my parents' house I had a couple of crackers with some "cheese ball" mix on them and I had a tiny bit of cheese bread. I ALMOST bought a vegetable tray at the store on the way time I will. Every snack was high calorie, high anyhow....I used my will power and had a taste of them but really did limit myself to a few bites.

Here's what I ate for lunch. I had to guess at the portions but I figure I had 3-4 ounces of ham, 1/2 cup of potato salad, a half cup of baked beans, and a serving of salad. Unfortunately the salad already had dresssing mixed in. It was good but really not worth the 12 points...

The rest of the day I felt "munchy" and unsatisdfied...I snacked on fruit & yogurt, and a bagel thin.

I don't really know about my points total but I am just going to assume I had my weekly 35 extra points and leave it at that.

We had a very scary earthquake here yesterday. It shook and rumbled for a long time...and made a very scary a big engine rumbling...scary stuff!

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