Sunday, April 11, 2010

Sunday April 11....

So, today I didn't have time to eat breakfast before church because I spent to much time here on my computer.

Early Morning
1 cup of coffee with Coffeemate Liquid and Stevia. 1 cup black with stevia
1 point

I was in the mood for something fast food-ish after getting done with church and a trip to Lowes to get some things Vern needed to fix the shower. Because I didn't have breakfast, I was really hungry. So I sort of bargained with myself that if I didn't give in to the fast food craving i could make "fast food" at home. So here's what I had...

Chili Cheese Dogs and Chips!

2 Hebrew National 97% Fat Free Beef Franks 2 pt (these are seriously worth the extra $$$ and sometimes they go on sale at Albertsons for BOGO)
1/3 cup Vegetarian Chili .5pt
One Bagel Thin 1pt
1/3 cup Reduced fat Mexican Blend Cheese 2pt
1 Single Serving Bag of Baked Potato Chips 2.5pts
Total 8 points

Dinner was ..
4 oz Tilapia, breaded with Fiber One Cereal 2.5pt
(process cereal into fine crumbs)
1 cup Potatoes O'Brien 1pt
)These were store brand frozen potatos.
I baked them on a cookie sheet sparyed with a little non stick spray)
1 cup Asian Blend Mixed Vegetables Roasted 0pt
Side Salad with Balsamic vinegar and
2Tbs Feta Cheese 1.5pt
2 points for misc: egg substitute wash on the fish, fiber one breadcrumbs, etc
7 points

After dinner I realized I had a bunch of points left so I made up this dessert

1 Large Apple 3.5pt (This was a really big Apple)
1 Tbs Peanut Butter 2.5
1 Tbs Smart Balance Heart Right Buttery Spread 1pt
6 0z Golden Spoon Vanilla Frozen Yogurt. 3pt
Total 10 points (Worth EVERY one!)

I chopped the apple in my mini food processor and then cooked it in the microwave for about 2 minutes. Then I added a dash of cinnamin, the peanut butter and the smart balance. I stired it all together and put it in a dessert bowl. Then I plopped a big scoop of Vanilla frozen yogurt right on top. This was so good!

Total daily points used 26
Target points 27

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