Thursday, April 29, 2010

Thursday April 29

Weighed in at my meeting. I lost 1.8 pounds this week for a total of 8.8 pounds so far.

Here's something I'm rather proud of. Earlier this week a customer walked in the door of my shop carrying these as an appreciation gift. I graciously thanked her...and when she left I told Vern to take what he wanted from the box and then I IMMEDIATELY took the rest and gave them to the neighbors. I cannot even tell you how absolutely empowered it made me feel to give the cupcakes away! My mouth was watering. I WANTED them...but I knew if I even tasted them it would be all over!
I won!!!

Trying to be better at journaling my menus...I always track because it's so easy to do with the WW App on my phone...but I have fallen behind on posting my menus here. So anyway...

Coffee with Coffeemate 1 pt
Microwave omelet made with
Egg substitute
1/3 cup frozen potato shreds (like you sue for hash browns)
Leftover, cooked broccoli
Reduced fat Mexican Cheese blend
Topped with Pico de Gallo
3.5 pt
Strawberries and Mandarin Orange segments .5 pt
Total 5 points

Lunch was a quick Veggie Burger on a Sandwich Thin
with Reduced Fat Provolone
and a hanful of Grape tomatoes
Total 5 points

Dinner was my version of a "Mexican Pizza"
This was so good. I'll be making this often!
2 oz pre-cooked shredded beef (from Costco)3.5 pt
1/2 cup fat free refried beans 1 pt
1 slice "Flat Out" flatbread 1 pt
1tsp olive oil 1 pt (brush on flat bread and toast under the broiler)
1/4 cup reduced fat cheese blend 2 pt
Pico de Gallo 0 pt
Total 8.5 Points

After Dinner Snack
1 apple, shredded, cooked in the microwave, and mixed with cinnamin 2 pt
1/2 cup Golden Spoon Frozen Yogurt 2 pt
Total 4 points

Total daily points 22.5
Target 26 points (That is changing to 25 now)
Activity points earned 3

Oh Yeah...I almost forgot about this! I walked 12013 steps too!

The last thing I want to share is this...
I had these eggplant "meatballs" the other day. I got them at Vons, in the freezer by the vegetarian foods. Oh my goodness! These are so good. 90 calories for 5 "meatballs." I am most definitely a big fan of these little goodies!

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Qristina said...

hey! You have such a great variety of food. You are such an inspiration! =)

How do you measure your food, when you say 2 oz of this, or 3 oz of that. Do you use a scale? I am thinking about getting one, if it's really handy.