Friday, April 2, 2010

Four Months and Thirteen Days Later....

Yes, that's how long it's been since my last blog post! And a lot has happened in that time...

I've lost a couple of people who were very dear to me. I've gained a precious daughter in law and she and my son have bought the condo directly across the street from ours. My sweet granddaughter celebrated her fifth birthday. Vern broke his foot and has long since healed. We bought the business I have worked at for the past fourteen years...

and somewhere in all of that, I stopped taking care of myself. I stopped walking and eating healthy foods and using self it' no surprise whatsoever that I find myself at my highest weight ever. It's no surprise that I am having terrible back pain episodes to which the doctor says things like, "Well, at your age and at your weight..." So I have done something I never imagined I would do....

I joined Weight Watchers...I mean REALLY in go to meetings once a week and face the weekly weigh in type of joined! As much as I would like to not have to "diet", I have to face the fact that there has got to be a lifestyle change and it has to start somewhere. It started when I was sitting on the examination table in urgent care waiting for the doctor to come and prescribe something magical for the horrible back pain I was suffering. I looked up and a poster on the wall caught my eye. It said something about asking your practioner about weight management assistance through your helath plan. So I did. And she gave me a flyer with the health plan's website information on it. So I came home and looked it up and found that my HMO recommends two different "moderate diet plans." One was "The Zone" and the other was Weight here I am.

My first meeting was Thursday night after work. I was so nervous. I am not a person who is comfortable with meetings and weigh ins and all of that. But I know that I am in need of that level of accountability even if it's uncomfortable for me. So I went and I faced the scale...226 pounds.

Today was my first day fully on the plan.

Here's how it went..

As much as I know this isn't a good idea,
I let time gat away from me and I ended up
not eating until lunch time.
I did have a cup of coffee
with 2 tbs of Coffeemate liquid creamer.
1 point

A frozen entree and some green beans.
The apple in the photo was yucky
so I tossed it after a couple of bites.
7 points

A snack bar that they gave me at the meeting
(which I forgot to snap a photo of)
and a diet cherry limeade from Sonic.
3 points

30z Chicken breast meat
green beans and tomatoes mixed
medium baked potato
6.5 points

Large bowl of
1 cup puffed corn
1 cup puffed wheat
1/2 cup Fiber One
1 cup strawberries sliced
1 cup Almond Breeze
4 points

Total points 22
Points Target 27

Every Day I am going to try and post one positive change I have made. It's all about small, positive changes, right?

So today I began to have my second cup of coffee without creamer. I allowed myself the one cup that I sooo look forward to each morning...with the creamer and the sweetener (Stevia) but I decided that one cup like that is enough on a daily basis. I'm not saying that there won't be days when I allow myself another with cream...but for everyday use...One cup with creamer. I'm patting myself on the back about this one!

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